POD – Moo

DJ is always drawing. When we attended her parent-teacher conference, we laughed as we looked through her work samples and found sketches everywhere. Front of the paper, back of the paper, both the front & back – everywhere. There were also her pictures hanging here and there in the classroom. It was funny seeing how much she does it at school.

Of all the pictures I chose, I should have picked a non-cartoon one. These are cute, but her warrior girl pictures are amazing. She seems to understand body position in a way that most adult artists struggle with.  This picture was inspired by a weird conversation we had about egg nog on the way home from the store. Egg nog comes from a weird relationship between a cow and a chicken.  Yeah, ours is not a normal family.

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  1. 13messages says:

    Maybe not “normal”, but very entertaining for us readers.

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