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DJ decided to sort, count and classify her candy to verify if her assumption that snickers were the most popular candy in the neighborhood we went trick or treating.  She was correct.   Something funny about this picture: I do the exact same thing with my feet when I’m working on things.  Gotta love how genetics can rear its head.

Indigo was happy to get DJ’s hand-me-down red Doc Martins. She has worn them since she got them than I think DJ did when she could wear them.  Yesterday, she was in a blue-green plaid pleated skirt and her boots. Totally an Indigo outfit.  And if you ask her why the skirt, she will explain it is easier to run around and climb in. Totally not a girlie girl.

The moon this morning right before sunrise. Just a sliver in sky. Love how it looks in the sky.

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  1. I think it’s those little “whoa…genetics” moments that make us feel something is bigger than us, kinda….if that makes sense. I think DJ will find it cool to know in the future and know that you two have a thing you both do and you don’t know why but you just do it 🙂

    A friend of mine mentioned once that his son does this one thing in the exact same way as him, and his son started this well before my friend became the parent his son lives with.

  2. I always find those ‘whoa genetics’ moments a little frightening because it makes you ask, Do I really do that?

    I also love the Doc Marten’s.

  3. There’s a girl who wants a kilt. Reminds me of Jennie Breeden (Who writes this webcomic)

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