POD – Catching Up

Work has been crazy and our nights this week have been filled with non-online activities. So, the pictures have been taken, but not uploaded. Today I have been working to catch up…..I’ve taken a lot of pictures the last week.

DJ came back into the house after been sent to gather eggs. Where are the eggs was our question. I need a bucket was her answer. Four hens, laying over two days – 8 eggs or too many for a 10yr old to carry.
Indigo was taking out the recycling when I heard “Moe, come quick with your camera.” The sun was rising and she thought it looked cool through the trees. A budding artist in the making because it wasn’t too bad.
I find it funny that the Hot Yoga studio is right next door the bakery. While I wait for G to get our scones, I can watch the class through the window.  I did like the cut out yoga sign.
A quick visual as to why I hate the end of daylight savings time. 5:30pm – and the moon is shining bright. I miss sun. At least it wasn’t raining, I guess.
While waiting for the train Thursday, I pulled out my camera to take this picture. I liked the leaves, the bare tree branched and how they looked with that building in the background. After taking the picture and stashing the camera back in my bag, I turned to find people looking the direction of my photo wondering and speculating what I was taking a picture of.  It was pretty funny.
Last night, we were returning from watching SG’s son play in a football game. Or rather, we watched his team lose spectacularly. The fog had been rolling in along with the cold. It was definitely football weather. There is a stretch along the highway we were taking that has huge trees on both sides creating this sort of gorgeous natural tunnel.  The fog, the dark, the street lights, and the trees created this:
Today, G and his friends are installing the VW engine into his bus. I came out to find this:
They figured now is the perfect time to paint the engine tin. I may be getting my porch painted after this one as between cleaning and spraying, I doubt they kept it from hitting the paint. 

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  1. Love the fog pics!!!!

  2. Mr. Smith says:

    Although I don’t say so very often (only once I think) I really like your pictures. That “yoga” one is sweet! (sell it to one of those Stock Pic Warehouses) You have a great eye. HA- And Raven HATES it when I paint my car parts!!!

  3. Just me... says:

    You already know I love your pics!! But the fog ones have a haunting quality that is fascinating!! :):):):)

  4. IveyLane says:

    Ditto on the fog pics. They’re fantastic, though I must say I’m partial to the building with the fall colors and the bare limbs. Maybe it’s because our Fall is so subtle here but I just love pictures of changing seasons.

    Oh, and can’t stand daylight savings time for the same reason. Dark at 5:30? Blech!

  5. Hubman says:

    Dark at 5:30? Must be nice, the sun sets around 4:30 here!

    So did G and friends finish the engine project yesterday? The last I saw on Facebook they were up to 3 trips to the auto parts store.

  6. Sarah says:

    Beautiful pictures, as always. I look forward to your 360 pics.

  7. Maggie says:

    I visited some friends who have chickens. They brought in an egg from the coop while I was there, so cool!!

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