Halloween Recap

The last three years, we have been invited to join some friends of ours who live in the west hills of Portland for Halloween. Their kids are the same age as DJ, and they are a riot to hang out with. This year was no different.

We arrived at their house to find out that we were going further up the hill to their friends’ house.  I should mention that these friends know everyone. The mom is a fabulous business woman who knows the power of network.  Also, she is one of those people who will help anyone too.  So, up the hill we went to their friends’ house for dinner.  And wine. Thank God for the wine.  These things are always huge, and we only ever know a handful of people.

Dinner was crazy – a kids’ feast of hot dogs in a blanket, tater tots, mac & cheese, and ketchup.  The adults nibbled off the kid feast – and drank.  And drink the adults did – as the dog nibbled on the cheese tray sitting on the coffee table.

Then we all took our drinks and wandered the neighborhood with the kids. They have the greatest neighborhood for trick or treating.

DJ went as a zombie hunter. She did an awesome job with her costume. She gathered all of the nerf guns in the house, swipped my Doc Martins, I got her a great zombie hunter shirt (thanks to Coy Pink pointing it out to me), and found a trench coat.  She looked great. She had weapons hidden too.  Her friend’s older brother went as a zombie. He decided after hearing DJ was the a zombie hunter that he wanted to be the hunted. Hmm…..maybe this was his way of getting DJ to hunt him…..don’t tell G.  His sister who is the same age at DJ went as a moose-mermaid.  She’s a pretty funny kid.  And Indigo went as a princess who morphed into a zombie slayer by the end of the night.

The greatest part of the night was the house that converted their yard into a haunted graveyard – complete with a wookie type dog that came out to scare everyone – a ghost that chases the kids – a stilted man with crazy hands – and a skeleton guy who you had to get the candy from.  Indigo was freaked out. I kept reminding her that no one was going to touch her – it was merely to scare her.  She was still freaked out.  It was funny later listening to her talk about how she wasn’t freaked out at all.

I did enjoy one of their friends who held the kid’s candy as they went door to door. And ate it as they were up at the next house.  It was a brilliant plan actually – given the kids had no idea of how much they were missing – or what they were missing.

While we are walking their neighborhood, DJ and her friend made a decision. They are going as cereal killers next year. They have two ideas – the first is to dress up as fruit loops and walk around with a fake knife. The other is for them to walk around with fake knifes empaled into a box of cereal.  Either way, it will be great.  Gotta love two girls with a wicked sense of humor.

We came home, sent the kids to bed, and ordered a pizza.  Neither G or I had eaten much and were hungry. It and a beer were the perfect end to the night.

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  1. There was a “cereal killer” at the party I attended. It was very cute!

  2. John and Ann says:

    The cereal killers ideas is great! We might just have to steal that idea!

  3. DCHY says:

    Got cold here last night but that made for an easy walk since 25% of the houses were “open”. We didn’t go far…the girls weren’t interested in a massive haul. 😉

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