And Now She is 8

Eight years ago, Indigo came into the world – a chubby baby who loved to sleep and eat and generally spoiled us rotten.  A nice contrast to DJ who wouldn’t eat or sleep.

I have often speculated that if they are quiet as babies, they may be handfuls later in life. Indigo proves this theory. She is way too smart for her own good.  While she can be the sweetest kid, she can also be a holy terror especially with her sister. She’s goofy. She’s fearless. She’s an amazing kid – and a frustrating one too as she knows how to push every button and how to push boundaries.

But I love that about her. She knows what she wants – and she won’t take no. How can you not admire that tenacity. All I can do is hope to teach her how to use that power for good and not evil.

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  1. What a sweetie! Happy B-Day!

  2. Dana says:

    Happy birthday Indigo!

  3. Just me... says:

    “…for good and not evil.”
    Yeah, when you get a handle on that, clue me in.. Thinking I may be losing that battle all too often!! :):):)
    Happy B’day, Indigo!!

  4. DCHY says:

    I grinned at the end of your post. Good one.

  5. Aw. Happy Birthday. 🙂

  6. Ashly Star says:

    Aww. Happy Birthday to Indigo! 🙂

  7. Maggie says:

    Happy Birthday Indigo! You sound pretty cool.

  8. Hubman says:

    Happy birthday Indigo!

  9. Happy Birthday Indigo! I hope you had an awesome day.

  10. Vixen says:

    Happy Birthday to your girl! Funny how different our kiddos can be…. it’s, nice. 🙂


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