A Sunday with My Girls – In Conversations

“Look at those yellow leaves! It’s like it’s snowing!” Then DJ pauses and says, “but less gross than it would be if it were yellow snow.”

Then she starts laughing and says, “Those dogs missed some trees when they were peeing on the leaves.”


“Stop it now, or I’ll give you a mustache with this Sharpie. And there’s school tomorrow!”

Later when Indigo still would’t stop:
“I’ll give you a mustache AND a unibrow with this Sharpie!”

A few minutes later…

“AND nose hair and arm pit hair  – CURLY armpit hair. I’m serious. I have the Sharpie in my hand.”


“Indigo, BE QUIET! I’m sick of you telling your sister what to do. Do you hear me?”
She says nothing.
“Did you hear me?” I ask again.
Still nothing.
“Indigo, answer me and say you understand.”
“But you told me to be quiet. How can I answer if I’m supposed to be quiet. Geesh!”

“Geesh, Indigo, WHAT THE”, she looks at me then say, “….heck!!” 
“DJ, I’m waiting for the day you actually swear instead of catching yourself.”
“Oh, I want to, Moe, I want to…”
“Sit up and stop kicking each other. No more touching each other with your feet.”
They both sit up, then Indigo starts poking DJ.
“MOE, she’s touching me!!”
“But I’m touching you with my finger not my feet like Moe said.”
“Moe, the kids in my class think ‘down the rabbit hole’ sounds funny,” DJ comments randomly.
“But,” she pauses with a smirk, ” I tried to explain to them it should be ‘up the rabbit hole’ given how they mean it.”
“OMG, DJ!” was my response followed by laughter.
“WHAT DOES IT MEAN, what does it mean??” demanded Indigo.
“If you explain that to your sister, I’ll have the principal talk to you about her teaching her class that phrase. I’m just saying.”
“You know, Indigo, I bet a chicken could eat your guinea pig.” DJ’s random comment after Indigo was doing something to annoy her.
“Stop throwing your eyeball against the wall! It leaves marks.” Me to DJ as she was laying on the couch throwing her eyeball toy against the wall. 
“DJ, it’s really hard to scold your sister when you are sitting behind her laughing hysterically.  Could you get it together please, so I can yell at her without laughing myself? It is more effective that way.”
DJ’s response was to take a breath and laugh harder.

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  1. DCHY says:

    Loved the snippets!

  2. Joker_SATX says:

    Out of the mouths of babes…..

  3. Hubman says:

    So THAT’s why you drink!

  4. lmao.
    The not touching with the feet part made me flash back to so many days with my brother.

  5. Ms Scarlett says:

    Beyond awesome…. sounds like my nephews!


  6. Your girls are very funny. It is easy to see where they get that quirky sense of humor.

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