Random things from the last few days….

  • I met a parent on Friday who spent 9 months going to the same high school as I did. She is a year younger than I am. Why is this freaky? I grew up in a town of 12,000 people in Iowa.  The school that my kids and G go to each day has about 300 kids. Let’ talk about the odds of that happening??  To be able to discuss that the school, her experience there, etc.  The funny part? She was there maybe 9 months and totally hated the place like I did.  Just shows you that it doesn’t take someone years to develop the hate.  This is where the music must be que’d…you know, it’s a small world.
  • DJ is exactly like me when she naps. I pain-in-the-ass after she gets up. She’s grumpy. She’s moody. She’s not a joy to be around. It is why, regardless of how tired I am, I will not nap.  No good can come to it.
  • We ran into the parent of a kid that was in DJ’s pre-K class.  This was when DJ attended our neighborhood school. This mom is amazing. Her girls were the same ages as DJ and Indigo. She was DJ’s first soccer coach. She is one of those people who volunteers everywhere, but soccer is her life. She played for a nationally ranked team while in college. Seeing DJ play, 5 years later, was fun for her. She taught DJ to be physical. She taught her some of the basic skills she still has today. I realized how much I had missed this mom. She is one of those parents who is the absolute opposite of a helicopter parent. Let kids be kids is her philosophy as is ours, which is why we got along so well together.  The funniest part of our time with her? When she corrected DJ’s coach as to the rules.  I had commented that our girls were off-sides during a kick.  Her coach responded with ” there is no offsides during a kick or a throw in”.  Our friend chuckled and said there was.  The only non-off-side situation is during a penalty kick.  The exchange made me miss her. Later, I commented that this was exactly why I did not coach. I cant’ pretend to know all of the nuances of the game. 
  • G and I had a great night celebrating his return from camp. The play was….well….perfect. And not our usual fashion. Neither of us cared as it was exactly what we wanted. The new normal has definitely been discovered.  
  • G discovered a new use for his Wartenberg Wheel.  Marking his cut marks on a pumpkin.  Yeah, not what I would have expected for it either.  When I laughed him using it, DJ asked if this was one of those “adult jokes”. Yes, DJ, it is.
  • I will have to say that I am sad that we cannot go out for Halloween and have an adult night in celebration. I would love to have fun that way – playing – enjoying the night and the people of it.  Maybe next year.  This year, it is more family oriented, again.
Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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  1. I am glad you are finding your new normal. And I LOVE the sign.

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