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Thanks for all of your comment yesterday on my HNT. I guess I should mention that I’m not someone who hurts easily. While it may look bad, it wasn’t that painful.  But then again, I am someone who used to take foul balls off of my body while catching on the softball team. I guess I’m a bit skewed in terms of pain.  Add into it the fact that I’m fair complexed, thus making bruises show up even more than they would on a normal person.  Also, I don’t mind bruises. A former coach referred bruises as badges of honor.  If I didn’t have any bruises when catching, I wasn’t doing my job. One year, I had so many bruises on my legs that G was worried that people would wonder if I was being beaten. I guess that should have been a sign of things to come


Because I had a talk with a friend yesterday about these stats, I thought I would post them.  Consider it my herpes PSA for today.

Out of 100 herpes infected men having regular sex with 100 uninfected women, only 10 women will be infected by the end of the year.

If those 100 couples used condoms and avoided sex during outbreaks, only 5 women would be infected by the end of the year.

If those 100 couples used condoms, avoided sex during outbreaks, and the men took suppression drugs, only maybe 2 women will be infected by the end of the year.

So, to recap:
Do nothing, you have a 10% risk of getting it.
Do something, you have a 5% risk of getting it.
Do everything you can (drugs and condoms), you have maybe a 2% risk of getting it.

Condoms if use properly only protect 98% of the time. So these stats fall into line with that.  

Oh, a few more facts, women are more likely to get it from men. 1 in 5 chance.  While men are less likely to get it from women, a 1 in 7 chance.  

Odds are, well, odd.

So, to summarizing, use condoms but still get tested.

And most important, if you are having sex with multiple people, please go have a blood test for HIV, Herpes, and hepatitis.  Okay?

While herpes has less complications risk than the common cold, it can still ruin fun, so know your status.


Work has been funny this week. I evaluated 30 – yes, 30 – large enterprise-level software companies!  It is amazing really – and no wonder why work has been driving me a bit batty.  I presented my boss with this huge matrix of software vendors.  You could tell he was a bit deer-in-headlights about it, so I came up with an idea.  A quick sketch, photo with my cell phone, and email later resulted in a phone call when I was on the train.  He was thrilled with my idea. He loved it.  He was gushing about it.  For me, this is just what was expected from my last company.  I love how amazed they are with it at this small company.  It is times like these I can see possibly being a CIO.  I don’t really want the BS though.

But I did wow them with my SOX knowledge this week -wow’d them and the government auditor. SOX is the legislation that is supposed to “prevent another Enron”. Everyone keeps waving the “government audit” flag. If we fail any part of it, we all are in trouble. Problem is that is not how it works. I know that because I have been doing SOX audits since they were implemented.  So, I started asking the audit firm questions – questions I used to ask for the SOX audits.  And, they started answering in a way that started getting people’s attention.  In short, there are bigger issues than just the software. And that became quite clear. What also become clear? I know the most compared to everyone – even the senior directors. It’s weird. I guess because I know very little about their industry, it is unexpected to think I know so much about an area of their industry they know so little about.  Might secure my job opportunity at this company. We’ll see.


I got news this week that both my bro and my parents got notice that they will lose their houses if they don’t fix it by the end of this month. My parents are doing something – they are doing the right thing which makes me happy.  The one thing that makes me unhappy? My parents named me as a creditor.  They do, technically, owe me money. But, to be honest, I never expected it from them.  They are family. If I got it, great. If not, that’s fine too.  It’s my attitude when I loan money to family.  So, in a few weeks, I get to go to the hearing to help my parents. Except I’ll be sitting at the opposite end of the table. I guess the only upside? I’m be near SG. Maybe I can arrange for a playdate after I am done.  How sick is that? I’m going to ditch my parents afterward to go play? 


I have been having a great week overall. Maybe it was getting laid in a kinky way I had been craving – maybe it has been the great conversations I’ve been having with my friends this week. I don’t know. I don’t care. I have been having a great, fun week.  I guess, overall, I feel I am happy with everyone in my life right now. I am happy with how they add to my life.  I think this stands out for me because it is the first time in many years that I can actually say that.  I am happy I can.  Adds a new dimension I haven’t had in a long time. A dimension I have been missing.  I feel thankful for it.  The number of people that make me smile is high these days. I love that.

Happy Friday!!

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  1. I am glad you had such a good week. Thank you for the stats as well. You are doing a great job with awareness.

  2. This was hard to read…font was very small. But I wanted to say great job getting the word out. But doesn’t it suck that womnen have to carry everything? Even greater chances of getting STD’s. Damned Eve and that fucking apple!

  3. Emmy says:

    Veronica – thanks! having asked a lot of questions, I figured I should pass it along as I’m finding myself answering them for friends too. 🙂

    Raquel – no idea what happened to my font. Very odd. Anyway, I actually had a similar thought about Eve.

  4. DCHY says:

    I liked your comment about friends…”they add to my life”. Good and educational post.

  5. Maggie says:

    I’m like you with the bruising/pain. My bruises take forever to heal and I have to really be careful or I’ll need to cover them for weeks!

  6. Advizor54 says:

    I’m in my 4th SOX Audit cycle right now, while it’s a pain in the butt to comply with all the regulations from an IT standpoint, it’s been good training for me and I get to go out to our various locations and see the sights. And you are right about learning a lot about the industry, when they bring in vendors for financial services I now get to draft all the questions that make the presenters (usually clueless salesmen) squirm.


  7. John and Ann says:


    Thanks for the SOX acronym. I rarely talk about it about, but get tired about saying the whole name thing.

    BTW, have you read the book, The Back of the Napkin? Sounds like what you did.

  8. You can never educate enough, thanks.


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