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My daugher’s friend’s dog – a laboradoodle. A laboradoodle that I’m in love with. I love this dog. He is sweet like a lab, but does not shed.  And he is amazing with kids.  Oh, and I love his ears. If they ever find their dog missing, they should probably look here first because I’ve likely stolen him.

I liked this photo because of the long line of old classic cars that were driving up the highway.  Click to see it big.

Mexi, our former roommate, came to visit today to attend the rugby gathering. I miss him SOOO much!  What a great guy.  He brought down the gifts he brought back from his trip this summer to Paris.  He said he saw this and thought of me.

But this is totally him 😉

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  1. John and Ann says:

    Everybody loves a good rugby party!

  2. Sexy Sixty says:

    I am currently dating someone who owns a 9 month old laboradoodle. It’s fun to go out n walks with him as he is such a “rock star” when it comes to attention! Funny too because he has no sense for just how big he is.

  3. I’m much more shallow with bitches than with uhmm ladies. I’m sure labradoodles have wonderful peronailities, but I HATE how they look.

    Are those…coasters?

  4. Those are sexy coaster!!! Oh la la !

  5. great pics.
    What a cute dog! I don’t think I’ve ever “met” a labradoodle.

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