POD – Rolls

Last night while the girls were enjoying the movie and the sleepover company they had, I made cinnamon rolls.  They were supposed to be gigantic. But, they never rose like they should have.  They tasted pretty good – at least I think they did.  Wish they would have risen a bit more.  Oh well, maybe next weekend, I’ll have to try again. I know the girls were looking forward to giant cinnamon rolls like they would have seen on Food Network.

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  1. If you leave them in the oven overnight to rise, they will get a nice rise as the oven is a little warmer than the counter.

  2. They look good to me 🙂

  3. PDXsubcuck says:

    They look great but…old yeast, the temp when you pitch the yeast, maybe something else might have slowed things down (salt?) and as ASM said, maybe the room temp was a bit low and the yeast was slow to get going?

    I’m enjoying your pictures, you have me looking at Portland in a different way. The sun is down and it is cold, getting ready to light a fire…not looking forward to the rain and winter. May we have just a few more dry days after this rain? Please!

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