Friday Wrap Up and Other Stuff

Thanks everyone for the anniversary wishes yesterday.  We both appreciated it.

We joked about our anniversary this year.  We couldn’t find a babysitter middle of the week, so we got take out from a Chinese restaurant that was near our first apartment.  I think it is also a place we took DJ as a baby to for our 5th anniversary. The little old Chinese ladies who run the place brought her rice and other finger foods and entertained her for us.

The plan we had of going away this weekend was thwarted when we realized this was the soccer weekend from hell – parents and kids having to be in two places at once.  While my in-laws conceptually agreed to do it, an explanation of what they were truly signing up for resulted in a weak “I guess we can do it”.  I pulled the plug in the end. I would love to get away with G for a couple days, but not if returning means guilt and stress. Not worth it.  We joked that this is par for the course since we were married.  Our honeymoon 15 years ago? An airplane ride back to Portland so we could work the next day.  Our honeymoon suite was our apartment we had just moved into and had no furniture. We slept on the floor for about a month until we had money to buy a bed.  As G said, we’ll take a proper honeymoon for our 25 anniversary – when the girls are in college.  Assuming, of course, that we are not broke from that.

Indigo has been sick all week. Yesterday she woke up with no fever but about 5 spots on her face.  Indigo is funny with viruses. She will often have these two day fevers with no other symptoms that results in a rash.  Her pediatrician says it is simply her body’s way for dealing with the virus.  We all know this, but her teacher won’t. So we kept her home one more day, just in case.  They don’t have school tomorrow anyway.

While I work, they are going to go renew the registration on my car.  Turns out, it is several months expired.  I came from a state where the DEQ had everything driving related expire the month of your birthday. Your license, car registration – everything – expires at the same time.  Easy to remember, no?  Out here, the license expires the month of your birthday, but your car registration expires when you bought the car.  It’s like your car’s birthday.  I still forget.  I always remember late.  Add to it that I don’t drive my car regularly anymore, and it is not surprising that I have forgotten.  But the police going through our neighborhood looking for parking violations have not forgotten.  They have hit me twice in the past 2 weeks with a ticket.  Thankfully G found the DEQ without a line….ever.  So it’ll be take care of.

So, I’m talking to my mom the other day, and she comments how nice it is that she and my dad got to take a vacation – they spent 3 days relaxing at the beach.  My brother and his family have gotten away several times this summer – and just returned from 5 days at the beach.  Why would this annoy me?  Neither family is taking care of their bills.  G read today in the paper that 59% of Americans think it’s okay when people stop paying their mortgage.  I am not in the group of people.  These families members are in that group because they have both decided they can’t afford it and have stopped.  I am so incredible annoyed by this idea – especially when watching them spend money like they are.  Hearing them in one breath bitch about money, then comment how much they are enjoying their vacations annoys me. My family who pays our bills has not gotten away. My other brother and his family have not had these multiple vacations.  I guess, in our family – the four different families, half of us think it’s not okay while the other think its fine.  We fit pretty close, I guess?

And today – sigh – today, after work, I get to go meet up with SG.  I was worried that it wouldn’t work out as there were some things that had to fall into place. Well, never underestimate a horny man – he worked it all out.  He has backup plans to make sure it works out. Love it!

Happy Friday!

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  1. John and Ann says:


    First, happy belated anniversary to you and G!

    Secondly, you don’t give yourself enough credit. The true formula is never underestimate a horny man and the lengths that he will go to be with a beautiful, intelligent, and sexually adventurous woman

  2. I laughed about your car’s birthday. Good way of putting it like that. That’s why you’re one of my crushes. 😉 Happy belated anniversary.

  3. You have an awesome time tonight!! And just remember this post when those relatives bitch that you don’t help them financially.

  4. Vixen says:

    “never underestimate a horny man”

    Hahaha….so true 😉

    Hope you have a fabulous wkend!

  5. Happy Belated Anniversary!
    Hope soccer slows and kids are feeling better soon so that you can get a peaceful night to yourselves. 🙂

    I have friends like that do what you described, accumulate unbelievable amounts of debt and then take the entire family on a vacation. It amazes me.

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