Feeling Like Myself

It’s amazing what an overnight playdate will do for the mind…..and the body….but the mind too.

A miscommunication almost made it a quick night, but thankfully a change in his schedule led SG to call me Friday telling me of his changed.

“You’re spending the night, right?”

A quick text to G, and yes I was.  I think he was as giddy as I was.

All day Friday, I kept having glimpses of things I was hoping we would do – or more specifically he would do to me.  The drive down was longer than I had hoped. Rush hour on a Friday trying to get out of the city was just bad timing on my part.  I could tell he was excited because I talked to him twice while I was in route.

And when I got there, he had everything ready in terms of me putting my car in his garage (nosy neighbors) – and as he locked the door to it, he turned to me and reminded me I now had no escape. He has me locked in for the night.

Yes, yes he did.

I’ll be honest. I was a bit worried if I was going to be mentally in the game. A lot of what G and I deal with these days is the mental hurdle we both have – that worry about infect.  Sex has yet to resume “normal”.  But, between SG and me, it was normal.  It wasn’t hanging over our head.  It was just play – hard – long – play.   And I didn’t realized until we were laying there after round one how much “normal” I needed.  How much of an escape from everything I needed.  It was like my body and my mind exhaled – finally.

Later, TL made the same comment to me. After showing up for my daughter’s soccer game and having to answer the question several times if I was hung over, I had texted him as he had a similar story.  We went back and forth – and he said it was nice to see me being more myself.

It is nice being more myself.   Like I told TL, I was getting sick of me – and how I was feeling and reacting to things.  If I was getting sick of it, I can only imagine how the world was seeing me.  I can only be thankful that those I love are understanding and supportive and, most importantly, tolerant.  It is nice to be more like the me that I like.  

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  1. That is exactly what I need myself. Enjoy it.


  2. I am glad you got some quality play in and that you are feeling like yourself again!

    I am hoping there might be some pictures or erotica for us nice people later on

  3. Aurore says:

    I’m so glad to read this. Finding your way back to you is so important. (and yes, some details for us voyeurs please 😉 )

    P.S. I missed it but Happy Belated Anniversary!

  4. Sorry I missed it..Happy Birthday!

    Glad you got some play time in 🙂

  5. Sex is so much better when you just let go and have fun. And everything ELSE is better when sex is better. Glad you had a good time!

  6. Vixen says:

    Oooo….so happy. I love what you said about your mind and body exhaling. Awesomeness.

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