Feeling Helpless

“Where can I leave marks?” he asked as he started shuffling through his bags of tricks. I hadn’t thought about the fact being at his place would mean he would have access to everything he could possibly want – not limited by what he thought to bring.

“Standard rules apply – if I can’t easily cover it up, you can’t leave a mark there.”

He chuckled as he recalled out loud my problem with some neck biting that left me with huge bruises.  Huge bruises I spent a week covering up with make-up and leaving my hair down.

He came up to me, kissed me hard and deep, then turned me around to push me over the corner of the bed. He hid from me what he had in his hand.

“Stay right there. Do not move.”

I could only catch glimpses of him in the mirror, and hear the nylon straps he likes to use being unsnapped from one another.  He placed one on the back of my neck, putting each end under my arms, then connected another one sliding that one around my thigh – then setting the end on my back.  He connected the third in a similar manner, then connected it to the second one forming a loop.  In doing so, he immobilized me – with my legs spread open how he wanted them, and keeping me from standing up.

“Feeling helpless?”

“Just a bit” was my reply.  He laughed as he slide straight into my pussy – filling me deep.  He started out hard and fast – a rhythm that played out loud as our bodies slapped together.

I felt his hand leave one of my hips.  My hair had fallen over my face, so I could not see him pick up his leather slapper.  But I felt it as it landed on my ass….once, twice, then a third time before he resumed fucking me again.

He paused, tightened down the strap, thus forcing me to be more bent forward. Doing so allowed him to penetrated me even deeper than he had been – his cock brushing my cervix as he filled me completely – deeply.

Then he suddenly withdrew.

“I want this ass red before you leave tomorrow,” he declared as he alternately struck my ass with the slapper, then his hand, then the slapper again.  With each strike, a moan would escape my lips.   I normally like to be built up – having each strike increase with intensity, but he rarely does it preferring instead to see if he can make me flinch, make me say “uncle”.

He reached between my legs and chuckled.

“Emmy likes this, huh?”

“Just a bit” was my reply.

He resumed fucking me in that position until he decided to resume his assault on my ass.  Then, he un-clicked the straps.  I stayed where I was figuring he was just re-adjusting things – putting me in a new position or restraining me in a different way.  Instead, I felt him lift my hair from my face, his hand was on my neck and chin as he stood me up, sliding his cock back into my pussy. His other hand joined the first as he held me in the right position – the position he wanted to fuck me in.


Later, after we were on the bed with his cock buried back into my pussy, he asked what I had missed.  What I wanted him to do to me, I said, he had already done it.  He looked skeptically down at me as he lazily rocked back and forth into me.

I took his hand and placed it where he had on my neck earlier.  His eyes got glassy as that act of having his hand on my neck, that trust I was giving him to do that, is the ultimate aphrodisiac for him.  His rhythmic thrusts went from lazy to more meaningful as I could feel his cock swell more than it had – and his intention become clearer.

“Why do you like it? Because of what it does to me?”

“No, what it does to me.  You always tie me up and ask if I feel helpless.  This, this makes me feel more helpless than anything else you could do to me. The fact I trust you, and that turns you on so much makes me like it that much more.”

His sudden inhale told me he liked the answer.
And with a few more thrusts, he came.

I guess I wasn’t that helpless.

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  1. Ell says:

    Oh Emmy. Delicious.

  2. Advizor54 says:

    They say that power, money, and youth are aphrodisiacs, but I say that trust and desire are much more powerful. Trust me to take you to new places. Trust me to use you for mutual benefit. Trust me, so that I can trust myself.

  3. oh oh oh damn…… ummmm hmmm
    ok, I seem to be a bit excited from this. wow.

  4. Aurore says:

    I know that feeling and it really is the ultimate way to render someone helpless. *sigh*

  5. 13messages says:

    I love how I feel when I read your words. Feeling helpless with someone you trust really is such a sexy thing.

    Have a nice day.

  6. DCHY says:

    Hmm, guess not. 😉

  7. Vixen says:

    Biting of the neck….hand on throat…….

    Oh damn.


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