HNT – A Shadow to Dance

click the pic, please.

Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.
~Carl Sandburg

check with Os to see who else is playing this week.
or OHNT for some more fun.

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  1. Jobthingy says:

    oh what fun shots and that click is incredibly sexy


  2. Ms Scarlett says:

    Love this!! And the click-thru…. just…. wow, girl.

    Sexy. As. Hell.


  3. Vixen says:

    FABULOUS click…..stunning lighting. And love love love the words. Perfect.

  4. Jas says:

    So, So gorgeous and feminine, Warm and soft.. Could almost be in the room with you xx

  5. Indi says:

    I know I wouldn’t have a steady hand If I were taking the photo… STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL .



  6. Cheeky Minx says:

    If ‘poetry asks the shadow to dance’, your photographs tempt it to a place of ethereal beauty and sensuality. Stunning… xx

  7. Maggie says:

    So, so pretty. Love the way the camera loves you.

  8. Sugarmag says:

    OOOh I love what you did this week! Cool pictures. HHNT

  9. Hubman says:

    Very nice pics, nice to see you from multiple angles 😉


  10. BluEyedBader says:

    You have some of the most artistic HNT pictures… they are always very beautiful, and of course this one is not one to disappoint.

    Great shot! Happy HNT!

  11. Babe Lincoln says:

    As an english major, the quote alone is a turn on… love Carl Sandburg! But the photo that accompanies it, just exquisite! So creative…

  12. I love shadow pics.
    This one’s great.
    Beautiful click thru also. 🙂

  13. Sexie Sadie~ says:

    Just lovely!


  14. Elle says:

    Fun and beautiful. Especially the click!

  15. Just me... says:

    Great pics, both..
    Made me think of Salome!! :):):)

  16. original- fresh- and always sexy

  17. That was a gorgeous and sexy photo. Happy belated HNT!

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