A Raise

Click here for part 1. Can I just say, it is amazing what a short text message exchange can inspire? 🙂 


Then I smiled as I asked “Can we discuss my raise now?” as I sank to my knees and placed my hand on the fly of your pants, unbuttoned, grasped the zipper, and slowly pulled it down as I looked up at you. You were watching me intently – waiting for what was next. 

Your cock was already hard. The spanking had definitely turned you on.  I wrapped my hand around it and stroked it a few times as I brought my lips down to the head licking the precum.  I could feel your body tense as my tongue touched you – and the sharp intake of air told me you definitely enjoyed the sensation.  I wrapped my lips around the head of your cock and began taking it deeper into my mouth – moving my head up and down – taking more of your cock into my mouth with each movement.

Your breathing was shallow now.  A deep moan escaped your lips as I took you particularly deep, then heard you exhale as I moved your cock back out of my mouth again.  The pace was too leisurely for you, and your hands – those large hands of yours – were moving my hair out of my face and pulling it back. I knew it wasn’t so you could have a better view, but to control my pace – control the depth at which I took your cock.  This suspicion was confirmed when you encouraged me to take more of it – then held me there as I adjusted to the depth – your cock finding its way further into my throat.  

This continued for a bit until you pulled my face up to yours by my hair – and kissed me long and deep.   Then you lifted me up so I was standing, turned me around, and pushed me down over your desk.  

“This definitely makes things easier – you not wearing panties,” you said as you lifted my skirt and drove your cock into me in a single stroke.

Once you had your cock buried deep inside me, you paused,“I love how wet you get!”

I was on my toes, meeting each stroke as you fucked me hard.  Your hand slid up my shirt and under my bra, finding an erect nipple just waiting for you to squeeze.  I know how much you love to torture my nipples – and you know what it does to me. And you gave it a squeeze. My response was definitely appreciated.  I know I was soaking your cock with each stroke now – getting it wetter with each squeeze of that nipple.  That squeeze, that squeeze that was hard enough that it made me gasp with pleasure, but not too hard that it would have the opposite effect. No, you know exactly how to play with those nipples of mine.  

“I want your ass,” you announced after a short time.  I expected that you would.  In fact, I was craving it it. No matter how much I expect it – how much I crave it- the feeling of your cock sliding into my ass – filling it as you do – always takes me to another level of arousal. 

You slid into my ass slowly – knowing how much it was tormenting me. Patience, as you know, is not always my strong suit.  But you had me pinned over your desk so that you could control the pace.  And once inside me, you paused – letting me get used to the way you stretched me out.  And then, when I thought I could wait no longer, you started to move inside me. Leisurely at first, then building up the pace so that you were driving my hips into the desk with each stroke.  And, oh, did I enjoy the pounding.

And that pace, that rhythm, that everything was enough to send you over the edge  – to reach that climax that you clearly desired.  

When you withdrew from me, you sat back down, pulling me onto your lap.  Your lips pressed against my ear and said, “if you want that raise, you need to cum for me….now.”

I slid a hand between my legs and started to stroke my clit. All the sensations were almost too much for me – and you knew it would be hard for me to focus my pleasure so that I could cum. It was why you issued this last challenge.

As my fingers slid back and forth on my clit the way I like it, you had one arm wrapped around my waist – keeping me pulled close to you, and your other hand was on my tit – on my nipples squeezing them, torturing them.  And you growled commands into my ear – telling me to cum. 

As you knew they would, those things you did brought me to my own orgasm – a loud, perfect release.

We sat there together in silence until you broke it by saying, “I’ll consider your request. We will need to discuss it further. Definitely later.”

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  1. Advizor says:

    This is so perfect since three of the prettiest women in my building are all in HR and in charge of raises. Maybe I need to have a “discussion” with all of them at the same time.

  2. Ms Scarlett says:

    Oh, hell yes.

    I’d like to negotiate for a raise too….


  3. Beryl says:

    ohmyhell…if this is for a raise, what the hell is on deck for a 401 K or a promotion??? I can wait, til you are ready to tell me AAAALLLL about it. 😉

  4. nitebyrd says:

    I’d say you definitely deserve a really excellent raise. Can’t wait to see what you get during further discussions!

  5. Now that’s how negotiations should be approached.


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