“I miss you” was at the end of the message I received from him the other day.

It was nice to see things had not changed between us despite all of the crap we had both been dealing with.  I didn’t think it had after our little grope session on the couch a week ago – and my sly kiss when we hugged goodbye. But, it has been so far from our conversations and other exchanges, that I worried a bit.

But it was starting to look like all things were good. And my mind now drifts to the first time we will be together after over a month apart. I think to how I will respond when he asks, as he inevitably will, “what does Emmy want”.

Emmy wants to be fucked. Every which way.

Emmy wants to be restrained .

Emmy wants her nipples to be sucked and bit and teased until her pussy gushes from all the attention.

Emmy wants to be pushed flat on the bed and have her ass taken.

Emmy wants to be bent over the bed and swatted between hard fucks.

Emmy wants to be held down and fucked hard while looking up into his eyes – seeing the intensity, the restraint.

Emmy wants to be left totally out of energy – totally out of breath – and totally spent.

That’s what Emmy wants.

Now here’s to hoping Emmy can get it…. soon.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Wow, that is a hot post! But you may hear sexy things from the ladies from Athens escort directory

  2. Hope you get what you want soon. 🙂

  3. Sa says:

    You definitely need some fun. Fingers crossed for you.

  4. Just me... says:

    Wishing fun for you, very soon!!! :):)

  5. Beryl says:


    I get this.

    I really do.

    xox Beryl

  6. Ms Scarlett says:

    Oh hell yes… Just stick Scarlett’s name in there – you totally nailed it.

    I just wish someone would totally nail me…

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