The Weekend so Far

I love having a long weekend. I really do. Not having any vacation time this year has made me enjoy my 3-day weekends even more than usual. 

Friday, G and I had to ourselves. Well, if you can consider being alone including a contractor.  Our shower upstairs is getting fixed. I am so happy that we will have it back in a week. It’s been about 3 weeks since we’ve had a functioning shower.  We have a bathtub which is good, but there is nothing quick about taking a bath. 

The contractor is an interesting guy who is eager to tell his life story. He’s Irish and Italian whose family came here during WWII via Cairo. They were trying to escape the Nazis and Mussolini. So they came in “legally” – which he is very VERY clear about – not like those damn Mexicans. (His words, not mine.)  This guy is chatty with me because G almost fired him last week. The guy asked us to pick out tile for the new shower floor. We picked out a river stone that is easy to install.  He doesn’t like the idea. He has no good reason other than he doesn’t like it. So he tried to force G to change his mind. I got pissed – and G stood our ground with him. It’s not a group decision of which he is a part of it. Plus, I can tile, so fuck him. He won’t install it; I will. And that’s basically what G told him. Not wanting to lose the money, he backed down. But he is now kissing my ass. He doesn’t realized I was the one ready to fire him.

Friday afternoon, we took the girls to stay with the grandparents for the night. We had tickets to see the B52s at the zoo, and the grandparents were happy to take them.  Good for us.  We enjoyed a bottle of wine and the great show the B52s put on. I was transported back to high school debate, of all times. There was a guy who debated with me who owned an old Cadillac. Red convertible – fins – the whole bit. He was restoring it. He would give me a ride home at night – and was totally into the sixties thing. Tie-dyed shirts and The Beatles and The Dead. He was too much of a goodie two shoes to do the drugs. We would drive from school to my house in that car – top down – listening to the B52s. I remember it like it was yesterday.

We came home and played.  Oh, did we play. The dry spell is over. Finally….thankfully….happy sigh….

Saturday was a day of running around. And it was hot. Very hot. We have had an insanely mild summer. Almost too mild for me. 80 degrees is perfect, but we’ve been more like 75 all summer. A bit too springlike for me.  The heat has felt good….except, I forgot how much it fucks with my body. I can’t eat. I drink tons of water, but food – just makes me feel – blah. So we ran around – doing errands – and I felt like shit. Got some great pictures, but still felt blah all day.

The parents of a kid in DJ’s class – her best friend in fact – had her birthday party tonight… a swimming pool. They found it was a cheap date to rent a community pool for an hour. Since it is staffed for up to 50 people, they invited all of the families to join them.  It was such a great way to spend the evening. In the pool with a bunch of tweens. One of the dads challenged the rest of the dads to a cannon ball contest – off of the diving board. It was hilarious!

Indigo dove off the diving board a ton. She is so fucking fearless. And she was doing pretty well – not drowning. My kids are such fish…thankfully.  And DJ was part of the girl gang. They were jumping off the diving board. Teaching each other new things to try. Cheering one of their friends who is a gymnast as she does these amazing flips.  It was a good night.

It has been such a great weekend so far.

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  1. Glad you had such a great weekend! I am so jealous you got to see the B-52’s, I bet they give an awesome show.

    And Yay on the dry spell ending.

    Did Garbanzo do a few cannonballs?

  2. Hubman says:

    I love how “not drowning” equates to “doing well”!

    I’m glad you’re having such a good weekend!

  3. Just me... says:

    Here’s to the end of the drought!!

  4. that girl says:

    love the B52’s!

  5. Aurore says:

    I’m glad to hear things have been going well and that the drought is over!

  6. garbonzo says:

    Yes, I cannonballed. And I tried to flip. It ended up poorly. But it was god entertainment for the rest of the crowd.

    BTW: You left out the skunks and raccoons from your story 😉

  7. Vixen says:

    I would love to see The B52’s in concert. I bet that was awesome!

    Def sounds like a decent wkend!


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