Day 235 – Zombie

 I should never be allowed to number. I repeated 100s when I’m in the 200s….who cares, I guess…..

Anyway, today this zombie arrived on my doorstep:

She is a pretty cool doll really.

This Zombie Mommy was created by none other than the lovely and extremely talented Nitebyrd. She generously said she would donate 100% of her proceeds from her etsy store to Boo until the 25th. I realized that I had not looked to see what she was selling and found this delightful zombie. My daughter DJ has laid claim to her. She thinks she’s the coolest thing ever. We all do. The details are quite nice. A bottle marked brains around her neck containing something that looks like it could be brains was a nice touch. I was considering giving her as a gift, but I don’t think she’ll be allowed to leave the house now that the girls have seen her.  Gotta love our family, in love with a zombie doll.

She has other stuff, so check out her store for yourself.

I’m a huge lover of Etsy stores as I love supporting the people who have stores. They are creative and lovely, and I’m glad they have a chance to sell their wares online.  Check hers out, will you?

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  1. Beryl says:

    Omigosh…I keep forgetting to do this. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll post up a reminder, too.

  2. nitebyrd says:

    Oh!Wow! Thank you! I’m so freakin’ happy that you and your daughter love her! *big smile*

    And, thank you for coming to my shop and helping Boo.

  3. Thanks for the reminder. I just bought a cute purse.

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