Day 132 – The Shower & Friday Night

Because several people were curious, here are a couple of shots of the new shower floor.

I am also sad to report – it will not likely be in use tomorrow. The shower has a sheet of glass on the side instead of a shower curtain or a usual stall you’d install. We had to get it cut to the right size. Guess who didn’t call to install it today as they had committed to doing?  Yeah. The glass guy.  Unless by some miracle he works on Saturday, I doubt we will have it until Monday now.  I’m not amused.

Yet, if I were to not pay them when I say they would, they would be bitch and moaning and threatening action. Interesting how the reverse isn’t true.
But I digress.

We had dinner tonight with a college friend who lives in Portland with her family. We haven’t seen them in a while, and despite my desire to go home and just relax for the night – we went over to their house. She is a doctor – a very VERY specialized one too (read: very smart and lots more education and training then your average doc). What does one do after working a 10 hour shift? Come home and cook a multicourse meal of course. She is a crazy one. 

We drank, we shared stores, we torment our children. 

I admired her dahlias….and cursed our dogs for destroying my gorgeous ones I had in the back yard.  Maybe next year I’ll grow them again. If I do, I’ll apologize now. They are my favorite flower given their intense color and symmetry. 

DJ and her husband who is an architect discussed the new tallest building. He gave her one of his architectural journals that gives an in depth look at the building, the structure, and the design.  She is in heaven now.

Their son and Indigo played  and argued all night. It’s good for them. They both are very similar in many ways. And in the end, they love each other as was proof when Indigo tried to bring him home with us.

And I played with their dog.  I love her. She has six toes because of she is a mountain breed. She is the size of a small, yet furry pony.

I think I have more pictures of her than her owners. She is yawning by the way, but I love her paws.

Then we came home. The dogs were wandering around, and I discovered our yellow lab was carrying one of my thongs in his mouth. I took it away when DJ asked if he had a sock which is his usual toy.

“No, he was trying to figure out how to wear my underwear. He chose a thong because he thought it might be easier to wear with his tail.” was my response as I walked to the backdoor to let them outside.

I turn to find DJ literally doubled over, red faced, and unable to breath due to her hysterical laughter. 

The dogs came back inside the house, and the yellow lab headed straight for the dirty clothes basket.

“You can’t have more underwear,” DJ tried telling him.

Our yellow lab had surgery a few years ago and had to wear an old t-shirt to keep him and the other day from mucking with the stitches.  It was in the wrong place for a cone. It was when we discovered how funny he acted while wearing clothes. He pranced around like he was proud to be dressed.  So, I took a dress of Indigo’s out of the laundry and put it on him.  The dog’s reaction was hilarious.  DJ went into convulsions laughing again. In fact, I think she went about 5 minutes without breathing.  She is SO my child.  (I get the same exact way. Nothing like looking into a mirror.)

It was definitely a great way to end the night. Everyone, in the kitchen, laughing at the dog. Laughing at the kid. Oh, and watching DJ unveil the candles she made earlier that afternoon.  (All I have to say is the Daring and Double Daring Book for Girls are awesome.  Her first project was making the rope ladder out of there – the ladder that is still in tact and in use in the backyard.  Now candles.  All stuff girls at her age should be able to do by themselves or with minimal supervision. Then again, I’m far from being a helicopter parent.)

It ended up being a good night.

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  1. Sa says:

    Adorable dog! I love those big, flat paws…

  2. Love the shower floor!!!

  3. I really like that shower floor. Great choice. Sorry it’s not ready to go yet.
    Your friends dog is adorable! And your lab story had me laughing. 🙂 We tried putting clothes on our dog, but he spins around in a circle trying to bite them and pull them off.

  4. Maggie says:

    Full of want for that shower!

  5. ChrisYYC says:

    Had to laff I have an 18 month old lab/golden cross and she does the same thing with the laundry. There is no stopping her.

    Love the new shower.

  6. Vixen says:

    No…I don’t see you as the ‘helicopter’ type parent 😉

    We have a Papillon, Phoebe, and my daughter *loves* to dress her up up in doll clothes, the best part is that Phoebe *LOVES* it even more. *snort……

    Sounds like a great time 🙂

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