Day 123-124 – Sky

Click any of them to make them bigger.

The first two were not edited in any way. Straight out of the old camera, they are. Wow, very Yoda like that sounded. Ugh.  Anyway, those two are of the Columbia River at twilight.

The second two are of the night sky. I missed every single fucking meteor that went through my shot. My big miss was when I was still trying to get the settings right. And they were clearly still wrong when I missed it.  If you click the second one big, you can see some minor streaks running vertically.  These are meteors! The second one has 3 in them. One on the left hand side of the photo about midway up. The second two are near the tree in the middle. I had the shutter set to 30 seconds. ISO was 3200 which was perfect.  I’m going to put together the shots I took while on the tripod in a video. Indigo kept commenting how she felt like the stars were moving. They were. I took a shot about every minute. (I discovered the “long exposure” setting on the camera that kept me from shooting faster than about ever minute.) It created a neat effect. Also, during this time, a barge goes down river through my shots as does an airplane.  I wish I could have spent more time out there, but the girls got antsy to go home. Geesh, it was only 11pm too. Maybe next time I’ll catch one of them with my camera!

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  1. Oh wow, absolutely beautiful shots!!

  2. Ms Scarlett says:

    Beautiful shots! I love how well the stars show up!!

  3. bardbin says:

    those first two are absolutely freaking awesome. You said they were taken on the old camera?



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