Thanks everyone for their comments yesterday! Since many came in while I was at work, I emailed responses to most everyone.  What I appreciated most was the dialog that was created. If we were hoping for anything, that was it.  Thank you for participating in the dialog. And thanks to those that shared their feelings both publicly and privately.

Life marches on. It’s the great thing about it really – despite what you find out, the sun will rise and set each day – the world keeps on spinning.  And our world this week finds us one kid short as DJ is off at overnight camp. She loves … well, everything – and chose a week at an old abandoned mining town studying the water ecology. That kid is destined to be scientist, I swear. True to form, she had made several friends before even getting on the bus and leaving for camp.

Indigo is doing a bug day camp in the forest. Having Little Miss Chatterbox in the house without the buffer of DJ has been tiring. We never realize how she goes on and on and on until she is alone.  It doesn’t help that all of her friends seem to be gone this week too. Indigo doesn’t entertain herself that well.

Garbanzo is having a week of failed projects. His VW Bus died yesterday on his way back from taking SG’s sons to lunch. An engine rebuild is happening sooner than planned. Then his rebuilding of my kegerator has just been one problem after another. But tomorrow is another day. I finally told him to stop working on it as he was just getting more and more frustrated.

As for me, I’m still feeling off. It’s funny because a friend and I were talking yesterday about how sometimes in life we just want lip service – people we are closest to, to simply listen and tell us it will be okay. That this too shall pass. Like when your kid was little and would come and show you the injury and only wanted you to kiss it to make it feel better. It doesn’t solve it, but it can make it feel better enough to go back off and continue to do battle or continue to move on the path. I know this too shall pass….I just deal better if my emotions are either happiness or anger. This other crap fucks with me.

In the category of totally random: This house is a house we lived in growing up. A classmate of mine from high school took it and posted it on Facebook the other day. He said he drove by it and remembered it was my house. We lived there for 3 years. My parents were buying it on contract until the people they were buying it from breached the contract. My parents’ attorney advised my parents to leave. There was going to be very little remedy they could seek, so leaving the other party with their problem (a small tax one they created) was the best choice. So we moved. That tree in the front yard – we planted it. It was little more than a stick when we did. I almost didn’t recognize the house when I saw the tree. My brother reminded me it was either my tree or his tree. We had each gotten one at school one year – and we planted them at this house. I had totally forgotten about that until he said it.  No one has clearly taken care of it in the 25 years since we lived there. It really is sad too. It was a decent house with decent bones. And the yard….it was huge in the back. And we had a gigantic garden back there and it didn’t take up half of it. To see it like this is sad. I can only hope someone takes care of it someday.

I saw this the other day and liked the sentiment…

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  1. The sentiment speaks volumes!!!!

  2. I love the sentiment there. I am hopeful for both of you.

  3. Ms Scarlett says:

    You always find the best quotes…. and it’s so true.

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