A Post Where My Kids Interview Me – Part 2

I started this by asking a simple question: Ask me a question.

DJ: How is your butt today?
Me: Really? How is my BUTT doing today? THAT is your question? My butt is fine, DJ. Thank for caring.
DJ collapsed into laughter.

So, Indigo laid her head on my arm and looked up me sweetly and said:
Indigo: How are you today?
Me: My day was pretty good. We got up too early for a Sunday though. And I wish I could have napped longer. But you and your sister were being really REALLY loud while you were supposed to be reading in your rooms – and staying out of each others rooms. You know we can hear you, right?

Indigo: Okay, I have another question. What time do you go home from work?
Me: At about 4pm usually. Or earlier if I decided it is too boring. Or if it’s a good idea for me to leave before I throw something at someone.

DJ: How do you feel about the show Psych?
(I should mention we had just watched the show – and DJ is in love with it now.)
Me: Well, I clearly like it because we Tivo it whenever it is on. Did you find the pineapple? And no, that is not a euphemism for anything. Get your mind out of the gutter.

G: Where are we going for our anniversary this year?
Me: I don’t know. Who will watch the girls? I think we have to start with that answer before we can ask that question. But that being said, I guess we should do something to celebrate given it’s #15.

DJ: Do you like Bobber Dog?
Me: I love our bobber dog. He’s such a good boy. He’s the best dog ever.
Upon hearing this, I hear our yellow lab’s tail thumping against the floor. Our black lab immediately runs into the room and sits on my feet. Think he’s jealous?

Indigio; How long has it been since you got married?
Me: 15 years. It’s kinda crazy to think about it really. Doesn’t feel that long until I look at DJ and realize she’s 10 going into 5th grade. Holy shit! How did we get here again?

DJ: Do you love being called a beer loving monkey?
Me: Where did you get that “beer loving monkey” name anyway? Plus, you are the monkey. Have you been drinking beer again? Is that why you are acting so crazy tonight?

Indigo: I have a great idea. How much do you like beer?
Me: I like beer some days more than other. I really like it on days when you and your sister are fighting like crazy.

DJ: What do you feel about someone being called monkey niblets?
Me: What is a monkey niblet? Would you call someone that because you are angry with them – or because they are someone you like? Or is that just another way to call someone a banana?

Indigo: How long will it take to get to London?
Me: Depends. Are you walking? Flying? Expecting me to take you? If it is that last one, then you’d better start saving your money now. And given how you don’t like doing chores to earn allowance, it’ll take you about 20 years for you to get to London.

DJ: What is your favorite genre of music?
Me: What kind of music do you like the least?
DJ: Uhm……jazz, I think.
Me: Then jazz is my favorite. I’ll start playing it a lot for you.
DJ: Moe, you are weird.
Me: That’s why you are weird. Now go to bed.

So to end this weird, yet wholesome post – I will take a right turn. I am signaling.

I saw this today when the place linking it said something about Legos. This is definitely NOT a scene for kids….

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Happy Monday!

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  1. Sa says:

    I love those conversations with your kids! They are so cool. 🙂

  2. Love the London answer. 🙂

    And that’s so funny your black lab came running over to prove he’s also a really cool dog.

  3. Your kids are so stinking awesome!

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