Happy Birthday, TL!!

It’s my friend TL’s birthday – and knowing he will, as he usually does, lurk and read. I thought I would take the time to wish him happy birthday.

TL, my friend, for your birthday, I wish for you happiness in all aspects of your life. No wrapping your mind around anything. No “don’t ask, don’t tell”. No games. No poor communication. No worrying about any drama if people say or do the wrong thing. Just happiness. The kind that results from you being you – and having people around you who love that about you – and overlook the minor faults because they see the good person that you truly are.  That is my wish for you, my friend.

And, because it is your birthday, I thought this would be appropriate, especially if it will go through your mind at 3am and keep you awake!

Happy birthday, my sexy friend!

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  1. Thats a great birthday tribute!

  2. Happy Birthday. 🙂

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