Day 186 – Cookies


“Go make cookies.” said Garbanzo to Indigo and DJ.
“By ourselves?”
“Really? Use the stove too?”
“What if we do something wrong?”
“You’ll learn something. Go.”

I was sitting at the island in the kitchen editing pictures, so they weren’t totally alone. After I found them the cookbook, I sat back saying nothing. It was pretty funny watching them. I finally grabbed my camera and took some shots.  This one is a view of their work surface from the bowl. They chose to use my Kitchen-Aid mixer. It was a funny process to observe. But, there are cookies now – and not too bad either. I think they remembered everything.

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  1. I’m glad they had fun. I bet the cookies were tasty too.

  2. I can remember the excitement in being let to do mundane household things because, up until that moment, I’d been told I’d break something or “because I said so” or I wasn’t tall enough. I actually begged to be allowed to help with dishes! Now I do whatever I can to get out of doing dishes.

    I think my first attempt at cooking was skinless chicken breasts cooked in the microwave in a sauce of cream of mushroom soup, lol. ick. Sounds like your girls did a better job than me!

  3. Just me... says:

    For me, cooking and computers fall into the same category.. I can read all the ‘manuals’ but until I jump in and just do it, I never really learn it..
    I do bet they had a great time!!! :):)

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