Three is a Magic Number – Part 3

It was about an hour and a half before he had to leave. But both of us were lumps on the bed as we recovered from the first two lengthy sessions.  We laid there on the verge of napping. I have often commented on how the post-coital conversations can go. We often have the most normal, yet strange to some, conversations while we lay there naked – having just shared an intense experience. And this time was no different.

He asked me about the party a few weeks ago – the party they could not attend. He wanted to know if I had been a good girl taking care of all of the guys there. I laughed and asked if 3 out of 4 make me good. He wanted details – I gave him an overview not being sure how he would react entirely. He says he is a voyeur, but this was kind of my first test with it.  He is. He started asking some pointed questions, and I answered.  His responses resulted in more questions about other things I’ve done. Have I had a MFM 3some for example? Yes. With more questions to follow.

We talked about work. The kids getting out of school soon. Summer plans. We talked about generic things – things you talk about with anyone you’re friends with.  Like I said, this just has a different twist.

He looked over the clock and declared after a while that we had time for one more if I was up for it.  I answered by taking his cock into my mouth and getting it fully erect.  Why waste time with words.

I soon found myself on my back.  He was on top of me, sliding into me once again.

Compared to the last couple of times, this round was more mild – but no less controlling on his part.  He pinned my arms above my head once again as he fucked me hard and deep. Then when he had them pinned with one hand, his hand was once again around my neck.  It is the one thing, he always reminds me – will make him cum almost immediately. That insane control combined with the fact I trust him completely just sends him over the edge.  And this time, it was no different as he came soon after that.

We laid there recovering and ended up taking a short nap. When we awoke, we tried for a round four, but it didn’t work too well.  Three seems to be our magic number anyway, so I was fine with where things ended. The last round left us both in sort of sexual stupor anyway. 

As we got his things pulled together and stowed back in his bag, I joked I should take an inventory so I’m not surprised next time. He took the bag from me and quickly pointed out that this was merely his travel pack. The full assortment of stuff was at home.

I sent him on his way , and he asked if it was okay for us to take advantage of the time off I had the next day too to play again. Sure, I told him. Might as well take advantage of it now before school is out and everyone is home. He promised to check his schedule and call in the morning.

While I was fixing myself some desperately needed food, I realized three things. The first was how sore my muscles were. Nothing like a five hour workout of sorts to make you feel muscles you haven’t in a while.  The second thing was how much back and forth we had with each other.  We normally don’t tease each other verbally as much as we had this time.  I was in kind of a smart ass mood, and he went with it enjoying, I think, the fun it provided.  But the last thing was how great of a way it was to spend a day off.

Oh, and we did spend about three hours together the next day.
Three is definitely a magic number.

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  1. John and Ann says:


    This a wonderful story that tells the story of an incredible morning. It is artfully told and captures the raw sex without being raunchy. It also clearly demonstrates your trust and connection with SG as well as his with you.

    Have a great day!


  2. You know what that spells out? D-A-M! I mean DAMM. I mean DANM. Shit, you left me tongue all tied up. Hehe

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