Three is a Magic Number – Part 2

We laid there catching our breath for a while. And as we did it, we talked about things. What was it that I liked about what we did? What was it that I didn’t like? We had conversations that, to be honest, we should have had a while ago. But, we didn’t. Thankfully while I can be submissive, I do have a way of asserting myself when something isn’t working or is not okay. No safe words needed. My tone is what gets the attention – plus, SG is not mean. He is an affectionate dominating person. He may pull my hair ruffly one minute, for example, then make sure I’m not laying on it so that it pulls inadvertently the next. He’s twisted, but he’s kind. A weird combination to some, but one that works well for him and for me.

We talked about why it works for us. How we don’t have a relationship where outside of the bedroom either of has to be dominate over the next – nor do we have one where we have to necessarily work together. That flexibility makes this work in a way it hasn’t with his wife or my husband.  He commented how nice it is to play with someone who is just out to enjoy and experience things – not needing to be in control – not wanting to be – no boundaries. He enjoys the creativity that gives him – creativity he has had before but not in this broad of terms.

And as we talked, laying there together, I touched him – the way I know he loves to be touched. He, like me, must have been a cat in a former life because he loves the feeling of hands on his body – skin on skin.  As I slid my hand along his body, I would slide it by his cock, and I could feel it getting harder as I started to tease him a bit. 

This teasing was good and fine until he decided to be a little more direct – and started playing with my overly sensitive nipple – rolling it between his fingers in a perfect way. 

“What am I going to do with Emmy now that she’s done that?”

I had my hand around his cock – erect and ready for round two, I guess.

That look in his face told me he had ideas again.

He pulled me on top of him – sliding his cock into my pussy.  As soon as I was impaled on his cock, he reached for the length of rope he had not yet used.  Uncoiling two coils of rope, he carefully wrapped one around one breast and the other around the other breast.  The care he took to make sure the rope laid flat – how he found the right balance between tight enough and too tight. He took his time – occasionally thrusting upward reminding me his cock was in my pussy.
Once he had each breast bound, he used the ends and pulled me down towards him.  Our mouths met, and as we kissed deeply, his fingers found my nipples and his hips began to move.  This process continued. He would release me letting me ride his cock, then remind me of his control by pulling me down to him by the ropes. His pressure on my nipples during these times was causing me to drench his cock as I love my nipples being played with.

Then that expression came on his face, and he lifted me off of him telling me not to go anywhere.

I have heard to Home Depot referred to as Dom Depot, but SG takes finding restraints to a new level.  He went back to his bag and pulled out his cuffs. 

“These are really horse hobbles,” he reminded me as he fit them around my wrists. They were better than your usual cuffs – covered in fleece on the inside – and leather on the outside. And you couldn’t forget the serious ring attached to each on.   He refers to these as his cuffs that are only to be used on those who truly trust him – and definitely not for beginners. 

“I think I can string you up on that,” he announced as he pointed to an old plant hook that we had spotted in the ceiling of our room. It is in an odd location, so I always forget about it. And never having painted the ceiling in that room, I had also never taken it down.  “I think it’ll hold you.”

I tried to object. I mean, I live in an old house with lathe and plaster. There is NO way that was going to hold me.  But SG had other ideas.  Rope went through each ring on the cuffs, and he fed the other end through the hook on the ceiling until I was stretch-out, standing on my tip toes. 

“I really liked how these worked, ” and he reached for the discarded cords – the cords he had wrapped around each nipple.  He fit them back onto my nipples so he could pull and tug on them again.  He spun me around – and slide his cock into me.

“Feel helpless now?” He asked again.

“Just a bit” I replied again.

He clearly took this as a challenge. 

He untied the rope from the hook having decided it was too awkward of a position and not enough room. And by the nipple cords, he led me to where he had bent me over the side of the bed. And there I found myself again.  He attached the ropes from my breasts to the side of the bed. He tied the rope keeping my wrists in a way that I was stretched flat. Then I heard him shuffling around inside the bag again.  I felt a belt of sorts snap around my waist, then felt him connect it to a bed and pull it tight – making it so I was incredibly immobile. I could only move my legs, but even then, not by much.

“How about now?”

“I am feeling quite helpless.”

He chuckled in response as he slide into me. He fucked me hard, periodically grabbing the cords and giving them a slight tug. He did this until he announced that this was not quite right for him.

He unhooked me, rolled me onto my back then reconnected me in a similar position – all restraints included – but on my back more in the center of the bed.  He reached back into his bag and pulled out more restraints. My legs were no longer going to be free. He tied them where he wanted them – then sat back and asked how helpless I felt now.

“Very helpless.”

His fingers found my pussy, and he slid a couple into them.  It felt amazing as he stretched and probed me.  He slid a third into me knowing I would enjoy it. I wondered how far he would push it this time. Our last play date, he discovered that I like being filled – he put four fingers in my pussy then finger fucked me hard. I was in heaven (as was he).  Would he know to push me further?

I soon discovered the answer – and that was yes. He would push me and push me until his whole hand slid into my pussy with ease. He marveled for a moment at what he had accomplished – and I laid there unable to move – only able to moan my excitement by this discovery of his. 

After he removed his hand, he came up next to me and kissed me deep and long. You could tell his arousal had been taken to a new level.  Then he positioned himself on top of me – and began fucking me again – hard – ensuring that he bumped the cord attached to each nipple.

Then, as he got close, his hand found my neck. His eyes stared into mine as he fucked me hard – fucked me deep – showing me how much control he had over me especially with his hand where it was. It didn’t take long before he came and collapsed on top of me. 

He eventually untiled me again – so we could lay together and catch our breath.  But it was clear until he did that he enjoyed the full restraint he had me under.

And I must confess – I loved that feeling of helplessness – knowing that he was going to use me as he wished – and finding he was willing to do exactly that. 

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  1. Aurore says:

    I should not read these posts while I’m trying to get ready for work!

    I have to say it seems like you’ve found the perfect dominant for you 😉

  2. If only I could watch… That sounded like a great session!

  3. Hubman says:

    Wait, before now TL didn’t know that you enjoy fisting on occasion? I suppose that’s one way to find out!

  4. Just me... says:

    Similar to Aurore, I should not read these posts when it’s going to be 16 whole, long days until… May just have to skip over them until the 23rd!! :):):)

  5. Vixen says:

    I *love* that feeling of helplessness. It’s….amazing.

    Sounds like a perfect time!

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