Day 180 – VW


Two days over the last two weeks, Garbanzo has been getting instruction on how his engine works in his WV Bus. In about 18 hours of work, they got the engine running … well enough that it can be driven.  In fact, he needs to drive it a lot. 

This bus is the front of the guy who helped him. A gorgeous VW bus he drives across the country helping people fix their buses. Neat guy. Very much a Zen master who finds Nirvana in doing bus repair. Interesting guy.

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  1. did he have long hair and gave “Free” love?

  2. Babe Lincoln says:

    Now there’s someone who’s truly following their bliss! Love the color of his bus…

  3. He must have done well and lived a good life to be at this point where he can just tool around the country, helping and enjoying his favorite activity all at once. We should all strive to have our retirement be so fulfilling!

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