Day 168 – Lion King


When her birthday approached, I received an email letting me know I had an opportunity to buy tickets to The Lion King via a pre-sale.  So, I gave DJ an option. She could have a party with all of her friends. Or, I could buy an extra ticket for a friends, and we would all go see The Lion King in June.  After a bit of negotiation which included agreement to allow her friend to spend the night, she decided on The Lion King. 

For our 10th anniversary, Garbanzo had gotten us tickets to The Lion King.  We checked into an amazing room in downtown after dropping DJ off with the grandparents, then saw The Lion King. He got us amazing seats anyway, but they were made more amazing by the fact our seats were right next to where the actors went onto the stage from the audience. During the second act, I started feeling sick. Low blood sugar since we missed dinner due to the soccer game we had to attend (DJ’s).  It was an ugly night after that. Hell, I barely remember the second act.  But I enjoyed it. And loved the fact we would get to see it again.

Taking three girls to see the show was fun. DJ’s friend is a riot. They compliment each other very well.  And since her friend has a little sister too, she is very tolerant of Indigo.  Knowing how the play opens, I couldn’t help but watch the girls and their faces as it started – all of the animals walking down the aisle next to us.  Their faces were all frozen in sort of an expression of “wow”.  Hell, it silenced all three of them – a feat I didn’t think was possible. 

At what the girls declared “half-time”, they were babbling about all of their favorite parts. They were excited. And immediately wanted to go back in for the start of “the second half”.  We got beverages (including my classy beer in a cup with a lid and a straw so I didn’t spill), and followed the girls back to the seats.

Indigo fell asleep which was amazing given how loud it got with the clapping and cheering and such at the end. The other two sat there in awe.  And I felt like the coolest mom ever.

As we were leaving, DJ said to her friend “I’m SO glad I did this – this was much better than a party!! I want to do this again.” Her friend agreed – and hoped she would get invited again. 

Next year at this time, we read it was going to be Mary Poppins.  Hmmm……I may have found a way to avoid doing the birthday party craziness. I like this plan.

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  1. 13messages says:

    That production was so visually amazing. I’m glad you and the girls got to go.

  2. Aurore says:

    Oh I loved the Lion King. I’m glad the girls enjoyed it and that you got to appreciate the “second half” this time 🙂

  3. southerngirl says:

    And you know what else? The thing I have worked to instill in our family as they grow and change is that life ain’t always about ‘stuff.’ Sometimes the most precious of our possessions is in our hearts and memories. You have created something will fold into her heart and treasure. How do you put a price on that??

  4. Maggie says:

    Love this birthday idea! You might also want to check out fathom events, they do one night only showings of old movies, operas, concerts or other things in the movie theater. It’s pretty neat!

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