I am finding a difficult time lately being inspired.

My project at work is so flipping sideways that I cannot even begin to figure out how to get it back on track. This place doesn’t understand project management, so they like to believe it’ll all work out. Details are not their strong suit. And in this case, ti’s the details that will kill them in the end.
My running has been frustrating the hell out of me lately, so I have skipped more runs than I should be. And knowing the date for the half marathon keeps getting closer just makes me mad at myself for skipping them. But, the event itself isn’t inspiring me to keep going. I don’t know if I’ve just hit a wall in my running or what.
I have about 80% of my garden planted, and I’m simply uninspired by what I’m finding to plant in the rest of the space. I have one unplanted raised bed just waiting for something to be planted in it. What is the unasnwered question.

I have a stack of books to read – but no desire to read any of them. Or anything else. Which is odd for me given the fact I devour books usually. I can go thru several in a week. Right now, none.

I have a lot of half started ideas for blog posts – but nothing finished – nothing I would be willing to share in its current state. I have a few pieces of erotica started but no inspiration to finish. It’s like my muse is gone. Sigh.

Generally – I an uninspired.

I know it will pass…..but could really use some inpsiration. Anyone?

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  1. Sa says:

    To tell you the truth, my fantasy is that one day you will do a “submit your question post” so we can benefit from your wisdom…

    So this would be my suggestion:)

    Promise I won’t ask any tech questions!

  2. Hubman says:

    Have you noticed that the bulk of my posts lately are for my Project365? You’re not the only one lacking inspiration :-/

  3. Vixen says:

    I went through that before xmas. Luckily it passed. Maybe you need a muse? 🙂

  4. Babe Lincoln says:

    There must be something going around! Lately I feel that everything just requires too much effort… hopefully we’ll all find our stride again soon!

  5. Joker_SATX says:

    As you can see…I am just now catching up with your blog. Talk about uninspired. I am with you here…I have no idea what is going on but my blogging…both reading and posting have been sporadic at best. Maybe its because I only eat, sleep and work…occasionally there is a shower in between.

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