Saturday Ramblings

I don’t have a complete thought in my head today, so you’re getting my ramblings.
I know ….. you are asking, “and that’s different from which day?”

We get our new bed frame today. We got a cheap one when we upgraded our bed to a California king. And it broke. I seem to be the common denominator in terms of the parties responsible. We knew we would need to upgrade it as it was only supposed to be a short-term solution – but I helped accelerate it. Because of the size, I had to order a new one.  Because it is made upon order versus an off-the-shelf bed frame, it took three week to get.  I hope it is worth the wait. I guess before they arrive, we should hide the restraints and toys. Granted, it would be humorous not to do it.

Twice this week I received an out of the blue text from someone.

And each time it happens, I smile.  It’s always a nice surprise. 

And with one of them, I couldn’t help but have this thought pass through my mind.

What can I say? There are certain people I’m close with that I don’t get to see as often as I would like.  But it is, sadly, what it is.

The chickens seem to be getting things worked out.

If food was not involved, I suspect things would be better. But things are not bad. Last night, they put themselves into the coop without our intervention.  That’s a big step as we have been having to toss the littler ones in the coop after we fish them out of the trees.  I’m just glad there is progress. Now we have to convince the girls to stay out of the scuffles.

Oh, and those new chickens…..they have adopted me. I go into the chicken pen, and they rush to me letting me pet them. Of course this amuses Garbanzo given the fact I tried to resist getting more.

I have been feeling pretty shitty this week. Run down, sick stomach, body aches – no fun. Each time I start to get better – it turns around. In talking to some people I work with, they all seem to be fighting something like this. I finally sent people around me a pretty direct message in suggesting maybe people with symptoms of illness should stay the fuck home. I’m sorry, but this isn’t fun. And to find out people around me have been coming to work with the same sickness is just stupid. If I have learned one thing about this company, it is that they do not understand this concept. One person who is high up in the organization made a comment that her doctor was about ready to have words with HR. He has never seen so much illness circulate one place before and was starting to wonder if he should call the CDC. It is odd.

But on the upside, I only work two days next week. I already have a play date planned for one of the days I have off next week.  My text to him: “I want to play when we don’t have to worry about bruises after wards.” His response: “Damn! So do I!” I suspect our play date will be a fun one next week (not to imply it never is).

Oh, and I’m also very happy for Garbanzo too. SG’s wife is starting to have free time again. She has felt pretty bad that she hasn’t had time to play (and thankful that I have because I don’t get the impression that SG is getting much of her time too).

I have started using Chrome on the Mac lately. I realized how much I missed using it as I used to use it on my work PC at my old company (when I had admin access on my PC at work). There are some plug-ins and such that I missed.  The only thing I’m missing in Chrome? ScribeFire which is the editor I use to write my blog posts. They have something similar, but not the same. Oh well. I’ll live.

This weekend, we are taking it easy. Garbanzo is hoping to take his VW bus for a drive around the block. His tires need to get replaces – in a big way – so we can’t take it far until that happens. Plus, he doesn’t want to take it far until he’s sure the engine is put back together and running well. We currently have a carburetor on our porch, so that would be step one.

Apparently, the rain is supposed to stop this weekend – for the weekend. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it does. We need to dry out. And I’d like to go out and take some pictures.

Keep your fingers crossed for us. We have been setting new records lately. Not for rain or high temperatures but record low high temperatures. Yeah, we could use some good weather. 

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  1. Vixen says:

    Man I hope you get some good weather soon. It’s FINALLY been beautiful here.

    Sounds like the chickens are starting to fit in well. That’s always a relief 🙂

    Have a great Saturday!


  2. omg. What you said about txts have been exactly what ive been thinking in my life lately. Its exactly how i feel about Bella. Thanks for helping me put it into words!

  3. Maggie says:

    I have also been responsible for the demise of two bed frames and I feel no remorse. Then again, one of them was actually a futon so it was bound to break sometime. 😉

  4. Lots going on there. I broke one bed frame, but it was an old camp frame and I was very hugely pregnant. The bad part was that I got stuck in the broken frame and had to call for Hubman to fish me out.

  5. 雅婷 says:

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  6. garbonzo says:

    Well the carburetor is off the porch. That’s progress, right?

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