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Thanks for all of the comments on the past couple posts about the party. Someone asked me if there will be a part 3, and the answer is no. That was my night.

Garbanzo and DJ are away at an overnight field trip. I’ve been getting pictures from him on my iPhone continuously for the past day. Garbanzo went to on this trip as a parent, not a teacher, so it is a nice change to see the program from that side of things.  He has been the teacher on this trip three times in the past.

So, it has just been me and Indigo. My friend and Garbanzo’s cohort came to drop her off yesterday, just to find me not here.  Indigo decided the train I was riding MUST have flipped over – and the sirens didn’t reassure her that this was not the case. In the end, they walked across the street to the pizza place owned by another friend of ours – and ate breadsticks and drank Cokes. Serves me right, I guess, to be late and get Indigo coming off of a caffeine high.

We send our kids to be at an hour that seems to others to be extremely early. The rule in our house, has always been they can read until they are ready to sleep. DJ, for example, is often yelled at to go to bed when she is still up at 11pm just reading “one more chapter”.

Last night, Indigo asked for a later bedtime. As she pointed out, it is still too light outside. I told her that if she can start getting up the first time called in the morning for a whole week, she could get an extra hour.  (Their late night reading causes morning issues.)  So, I’m looking forward to sleeping an hour later than normal since I have to take her to school this morning,  but who shows up in my room at 6:30am fully dressed for school? Yep. One day down, four more school day mornings to go, I guess.

Work has been extremely annoying the past couple days. My tweet a few days ago summed it up:

Why yes I just ended my day by taking one for an exec. He will pay for it because I’m more politically saavy than he is.

I took one for this executive with his boss on Monday. She expected a deliverable that I had committed to make sure was delivered. But, the exec who I work for on the project said no.  I argued with him for two hours last week that he needed to provide me the data – and he refused. So Monday afternoon, his boss comments that deliverables are not being completed. And they all – including the guy who told me no – look at me. And I just agreed that it was still owed – and moved on.  This was not the first time – nor was it the last in this meeting. And I just kept my mouth shut – not saying or doing anything. No point.

Yesterday, I spoke with the other person in the meeting – the cosponsor of the project – and basically asked how she recommends I handle in the future the refusal by her peer to complete a deliverable. She had a sigh of relief. She was concerned because it’s not my MO. She was hoping something more was to it – and their was. She told me I have to go back and talk to his boss – and ask her the same question.

His boss sits next to him, so I knew me in her office would generate questions. During his 30 minute rant to me yesterday about how frustrated he was by the meeting, I mention I want to schedule a follow-up with his boss to discuss a few things. He said I should definitely do that.  I hit send on the meeting invite that was already on my screen – and had my meeting.

The good news: she knew he was behind my lack of delivery. She said that I can pretty much work around him. That she is fully aware that he is his own worst enemy – and knows I can get it done – so do it without him if necessary. I can do that.  Which is good since I already handed out a task to one of his subordinates to complete – yesterday – after that meeting.  Now I don’t have ask forgiveness.

And because I periodically have to have posts that remind people of why this blog has its name, I have to ask some people out in the universe this question:

There have been some posts and comments  and tweets I’ve read recently that has made me wonder if people realize how they truly come across to others. While I don’t care people’s opinion generally, I am a believer that what you put out into the universe will come back to you – good old Karma if you will.  And my own actions towards others need to be such that I can live with the consequences – because, there will be consequences.  You just may not see them right away.

Some of the things I’ve read lately, I’ve shaken my head – wondering if that person meant to come across like that. Or if they would even realize that the way they are coming across just exemplifies WHY “this is happening to them” – versus coming across as a bad thing happening to good people which is the intent.

I have seen throughout my life how negative begets negative. Trust me – a horribly bad day at work that fucks up my attitude – ends up fucking up my night – then fucks up my next morning if I can’t snap out of it – and the whirlpool of negativity just keeps going. And things people say that ARE actually good or supportive – are never read or seen as such. I acknowledge in myself that I can be my own worst enemy. Hell, I wouldn’t like me during those times.

So this is my generic rant about it. Deliberately avoiding specifics to stay out of what my father would dub “a pissing contest” because that sort of “debate” has no point.

May everyone’s hump day result in some humping – the good kind! 🙂

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  1. 13messages says:

    I like this. You have the most thought provoking posts. I’m guilty of that “own worst enemy” thing in some regards.

    Congrats on the work situation. It’s always nice to know that the big bosses know when you are not to blame for bad things.

  2. Dana says:

    I came here to say exactly what 13messages said. When you post this “type” of post, I always find myself asking the hard questions that only I can answer.

    Your writing ability is such a gift to all of us.

  3. Love the story. I think I would like myself, but I can be kind of annoying so I can’t say for sure.

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