Day 142 – Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

While DJ was at a birthday party nearby, Garbanzo and I took a walk through this refuge. When I discovered it a few weeks ago while running by it during my 8 mile training run, there were probably a dozen heron in various locations around the wet land. I had my camera with me this time and hoped we would find the same number. We saw one…..we think.

I love how you can see through this tree trunk.

An amazing snail climbing out of his shell.

A pause between the downpours of rain.

A hallow tree stump. I love how the sun broke through the clouds right as I took the pic.

The slugs in the forests are amazing. This one was probably 3 inches long

While we were alone on this trail, Garbanzo suggested we take my HNT pic for the week. I definitely have a few possibilities now.

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  1. Ell says:

    Beautiful photographs! The texture on that last slug one – like it’s wearing a fancy cape of ruched fabric. All that lush green moss on the bridge pic – fabulously lovely.

  2. Hubman says:

    Great pictures, that looks like a fun area to visit.

    From the order of items in the post, it sounds like Garbonzo got some HNT inspiration after seeing the slug. I hope I’m wrong 😉

  3. Just me... says:

    Being in the woods after a rainstorm (or between them) is peaceful and beautiful.. You caught both with your camera.. :):)

  4. Bella says:

    Wow, these are gorgeous. Of this set, my fav is the third one. Lovely.

  5. awesome! What great pics. I love parks, and hikes, and nature, and even better when you can take hnt picks in them 🙂

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