Day 141 – Wooden Lion


Tonight after work, Garbanzo suggested we hit up Happy Hour at a local brew pub that shows movies. The movie tonight was “Diary of Wimpy Kid” or Diary of a Whompy Kid as Indigo says. Or Swampy Kid – she fluctuates.

We got there, we have some okay beer – and food – and we sit on couches and watch the movie. All for four of us – movie, beer, Roy Rogers for the girls and food – $30. It’s a cheap date.

This place has a bunch of funky stuff in it. Next to one of the weird lights, is a wooden lion of unknown age and origin. It’s chained to the wall – for earthquake protection, I suspect. I was playing around with taking low light shots without a flash.

It was a pretty decent movie really. The book series is great. DJ loves them – and can read the series in a night, I think. She uses it to get ideas for writing her own diary. I have found her stories before – totally in the style of the books – and they are hilarious.

A good start to a relaxing weekend.

What do you think?

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