All Dressed Up – The Party ….part 2

“Emmy needs a moment to recover first” was my reply to his question.

And I did. Trying to find some water was my priority. But The Host had a different set of priorities for me.. 

As I was going to walk by him, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in close. His lips finding my neck – kissing and biting it along that ridge that starts behind the ear and ends at the shoulder. And as his mouth was on my skin, I felt his hand in my hair – trying to undo the knot I had put it in earlier. I reached up and undid the band, “is this what you wanted?”

“Yes” was what he said into my ear as he grabbed a handful of hair and gently pulled my head back so he could find my lips.  And thus began the dance, similar to what it was last time – rough, intense kisses – biting along my neck. But this was different somewhat. It was like he remembered the last encounter and decided to push it a bit more. The biting began walking that line between pleasure and pain. The way he would manhandle me a bit so that I was pressing against his body the way HE wanted it. And all the while, my moans increased.

He broke the kiss suddenly and told me to go lay back on the curved lounger. I did as he instructed and watched him go over to the adjacent table where he grabbed one of the toys he had stashed there. The darkness masked what exactly he had planned for me. I felt the cold of lube fall on my clit and pussy, then heard the vibrator as he turned it on. And as he placed it on my clit, I felt his fingers slide into me adding to the pleasure.

I’m tricky. I’ve mentioned that before. Rarely can another get me off – with or without a vibrator in hand. But his combination of skill and that vibrator got me off faster than I think I have ever experienced. A result that took me totally by surprise – a very pleasant surprise at that. He would have continued, trying to get another one out of me, but I made him stop – too sensitive from the first one to continue. He chuckled at my insistence and grabbed a condom.

I was anxious for him to fuck me – always what I want after an intense orgasm. But instead of sliding into me after he put on the condom, he teased me more. Kissing me, sucking and biting my nipples, and biting my shoulder and neck. And all the while, I felt his ready cock poised to enter me – but not giving me what I wanted.

And in the ultimate tease, he suddenly arose – then pulled me off the lounger.  I knew exactly where this was going, and it was confirmed when he took my place and pulled me on top of him.  As I guided his cock into me, he thrust upward then pulled me down on top of him tighter. And once I was where he wanted me, he pulled me down into him so he could suck on my nipples as he slowly began to move from below. His sucking turned to biting – and my response just encouraged him to push things further.

He finally released me, and I began to move – riding him as his hands moved between my hips, my breasts and my hair. He pulled me back to him at times as I moved so he could assault my mouth or my neck or my nipples.  And during one of these moments, he paused at my ear and said “God you are so fucking hot”.

“It helps you are hitting all of my right buttons.”

“Let’s see how many more I can find” were his final words before he started on his quest.

The Host clearly liked to play rough. I had picked up on that already with the way he liked to bite and pull my hair. I had seen glimpses of his controlling nature as he manhandled me – putting me where he wanted me – controlling the pace – undoing my hair so it’s down.  But he definitely had more in him as he moved his hand from my hair to where my collar bone meets my neck. I could tell he was testing the waters – seeing what my reaction would be – seeing if he minded that assertive position he was taking – using his hand on my neck to control me.  And when I reacted positively, he dropped all pretenses of what he wanted and moved his hand to my throat under my chin.  His reaction told me it was exactly what he wanted – and that just drove me on.

He dropped his hands to my back again and pulled me in for a rough kiss.

“I found one of my favorite buttons” was what he chuckled in between kisses.

And as we kissed again, we overheard The Greeter saying to The Host’s wife “God she would be so much fun to DP! She’s even in the right position for it.”

“Do you want to be DP’d?” The Host asked quietly into my ear. I could tell he was uncertain if he was game or not.

“I’m enjoying this too much.”

I could tell from his exhale that my answer was the one he was hoping for. 

But the idea of it clearly aroused The Greeter and The Hostess as we heard them move behind us. Suddenly I felt cold, lubbed fingers at my ass as we moved – then slide in without effort.  A collective moan from those two told me they were enjoying joining into the action. And a moan from The Host told me he didn’t mind how they chose to join us.

As The Hostess added to the heat of our action, she was getting fucked by The Greeter. And all of our moans were escalating. I was being held tight keeping me in position. And as we heard them both climax, the fingers were removed.

“I want you to cum for me again” was The Host’s sudden remark.
“I want YOU to cum for ME” was my response.

A response that he clearly liked as I found myself on my back on the floor next to the lounger.

No rhythm was lost by this move – this change of position was a perfect ending to our time together.

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  1. Now that is a party that I could handle. You sound like you are getting all the pleasure you need and it is HOT reading about it!!!

    More, please??

  2. Very very hot. I now need a drink.

  3. Vixen says:

    *fans self*


    I love…..being manhandled and I think I’ve told you I only just recently discovered this. Totally hot.

  4. Hubman says:

    I was thinking “whoa, two guys are getting her ass tonight? Wow!” lol…

    That sounds like it was one hell of a hot time, we need to find parties like that around here!

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