All Dressed Up – The Party ….part 1

“Let’s go upstairs where we can have some privacy.”

And thus started my night of play at the house party with The Comedian.

We went upstairs, quickly disrobed, and settled into the bed together.  After a bit more kissing, I was told to get comfortable, he was going to be “down there” for a while.

I felt his lips on my inner thigh, belly, and mons. And each time his mouth left my skin, I inhaled hoping – expecting – the next time would mean his lips would find my pussy. But that was not his plan. His plan was to tease me until I couldn’t stand it.

Just when I was beginning to squirm, his mouth landed right on my clit and a moan escaped my mouth.  I lost track of his mouth after that. Lost in the waves of pleasure he was bringing me.

Another man (The Greeter) was passing by and stopped – kissing me deeply.

“You’re getting a little loud, so I came here to help” was his explanation.

Then his mouth found mine again.

I felt The Comedian’s mouth leave my pussy, heard the tearing of a condom wrapper, then felt him slide into my pussy in one stroke.

“God, she feels so good” he commented to The Greeter.

The Greeter at this point broke his kiss. I wrapped my hand around his cock and suggested he bring it closer so I could suck on it.  He quickly obliged and was soon fucking my mouth as The Comedian fucked my pussy.

I felt The Comedian move my legs up so they were resting on his shoulders, then felt The Greeter help him adjust the angle. Together they worked to bring me and them off.

After The Comedian came, The Greeter slid down next to me on the bed.

“Good, I was hoping to get you to myself.”

I suspected as much given how he had been checking in and giving me kisses earlier – before he joined in with us.

We began kissing – kinda of making up for the foreplay we really didn’t have earlier. His fingers slid into my pussy as he began to stroke my g-spot – slow at first but going faster. My moans went from soft to loud quickly as his fingers worked their magic.  His goal, I could tell, was to make me gush – but I knew now that while it felt good, he was in the wrong spot. (Thanks TL!)

“Fuck me?”

And I didn’t need to ask the man twice. He quickly donned a condom and slid into me.

After fucking me hard for a few minutes, The Greeter had other ideas.

“Get on all fours” was his command.

I assumed the position – then felt is mouth on my pussy and ass. And his fingers making their way to my ass – testing to see if he would meet with resistance or if I would let him play.

“I wonder if you will…” was his only remark.

“I’m game if you are” was my simple response. 

And he didn’t need to hear it twice – he lubed up me and his cock – and slid into my ass with one stroke.

He started out slow, then built up to a good pace.

“Touch yourself” was what he whispered into my ear – and not being shy, I did.

This simple act sent him quickly over the edge.

After he recovered a bit, we got cleaned up and went to get water.  I was immediately intercepted by The Host.

“Is Emmy ready to play with me and my toys?”

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  1. Damn, sounds like sexual bliss. I am ready for the next part. You already have me HOT.

  2. John and Ann says:

    WOW! And to think that this is only beginning of your evening!

  3. frances says:

    Emmy! My mind is blown from part one alone!!! Incredible. What a lucky girl. I hope we get a chance to chat sometime. Would love to hear all about your experiences “in person” and maybe embarass myself with loads of questions. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear the next part! Grrrrr….

  4. 13messages says:

    You leave me close to speechless. This is wonderfully sexy. You’ve got some lucky men in your life.

  5. Babe Lincoln says:

    I’m with 13… speechless! And breathlessly waiting for the conclusion (or climax?).

  6. Ms Scarlett says:

    Oh my…. don’t leave us hanging too long!!!

  7. Just me... says:

    Oh, damn.. I am sooo glad you blew off the repost for Part 2!!! Can’t wait!! :):):)

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