A Journey thru Emmy’s Mind (or why this blog is called what it is)

My dad being here has really fucked up some things for me. First off, blog reading. I am so far behind, I don’t know where to begin. Please forgive me for not being able to make the rounds. Things will return to normal this weekend.

Last night I got to hear the worst sound ever – middle school students trying to play as a band. Oh it is a learning experience – I know. But almost every song had to be restarted about 5 times because they were all playing to different beats. It was horrible. There were some individuals that did well….but it’s a sound you won’t soon forget.

Garbanzo did ask if I could bring a flask with me to the performance. He had had one of those crazy days that was crazy 30 minutes into the day and ended with him having 8 boys in his class after school – without knowing they would be there. He wanted a drink.

Looks like they are going to try to put together a 5th grade soccer team at the school next fall. I hope they can do it. This group of girls have been playing together since kindergarten now. And they play so well together it is fun to watch them as they get older. Indigo’s grade is playing both fall and spring soccer.  I hope it continues as Indigo loves it.

This picture:

reminded me of a text message I found the other day on my phone from a friend. It basically said exactly what this image says the person needs. I will say one thing. Seeing it makes me smile. I don’t think we tell our friends how much they mean to us at times – or how much we need them. Do it. See what reaction you get from them. I swear to you – it will touch them in a way you may not be able to imagine.

I have been wanting to put this sign:

On my cube at work this week. Holy shit have I been busy. You see, I work with people who are data hogs. They can’t have enough of it. But they can’t use it to tell a story either. They can’t analyze the data. They can’t roll it up. They can’t make it meaningful. And I, I opened my mouth and said “give it to me, I can help.” I got buried in so much yesterday all I could do is look at it and shake my head. Holy fuck. It is paralyzing. And these guys get paralyzed by it constantly. Tomorrow I will be trying to unearth myself from the data. I am missing one thing in my cube…..a white board. Might have to see if I can find one because I REALLY need one when doing this stuff.

Oh and while I continue my randomness, I looked up my official race time for the run on Sunday. I got 68th out of 164 in my age division. That means out of the women between 35-39, I got 68th. Wow. I got 465th out of 1053 of all women too. Damn. I should have still done better though. Yes, I am one of those people who kicks my own ass in these things. Have I mentioned I have a 9 mile run on Saturday? Yeah….that will be interesting because I got lazy running the 2 mile uphill at this race. This means I pulled a muscle in my calf. It is painful. I can’t wear a shoe with a heel on it because of the pain. Hoping it goes away because even if it doesn’t, I’ll be running. I have 9 miles this Saturday and …. and 10 next week. I need to get my ass in gear.

I’ve been in the mood to watch baseball movies lately. Bull Durahm, Major League, Eight Men Out, The Natural…….The first two are great movies in terms of quotes. I mean with lines like “Well, he fucks like he pitches – sorta all over the place.” and “Nice catch, Hayes. Don’t ever fuckin’ do it again.” I guess it’s baseball season.

And I leave you with something only a math geek like myself can appreciate:

Little known Emmy fact: I have tutored more adults in Algebra than I can count. Every one of them went back to school as adults and for some reason could get grasp the beauty that is Algebra. At one point, I had math equations all over my whiteboard because of my lunchtime tutoring sessions.

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Just wait until next week.. You liver is going to hate you!

  2. I just love the randomness of your mind.

    I hope they get the soccer team together.

  3. Ms Scarlett says:

    Oh, I hear this…. I’m so behind all the time that I’m starting to think I’m actually ahead.

    Take care of that calf muscle!!

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