This is the one reason I enjoy Saturdays. I get to run, then meet up at the local coffee place for an amazing cup of coffee and food. And, tomorrow is going to suck too. We are running in a hilly part of the Portland area. And, I think I may do the long run tomorrow too….assuming my back feels better.

My hips have been feeling screwed up over the past week. My lower back when out twists my hips so that one is forward and the other is back. It’s very odd. Then, my knees hurt. Friday morning, I decided I needed to get into the chiropractor – and they fit me into his schedule.  The minute he propped my hips as he heated up my back, my back started going into place with two pops. When he came into to do the adjustment, he could tell immediately where it was out. OMG the sounds my back made were just wrong…..but man did it feel better immediately.  Only problem? It’s been out long enough that I’m sore now. So, the run should be interesting.

But, you know – life IS short. And the run will be 30-40 minutes depending on how far I decide to go. I think I can handle that. Even if there are hills.

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  1. Maggie says:


    Running, to me, is not so mmm. 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed running in my younger days. My knees went out completely when I hit mid fifty’s and I started walking. Then walking became more of a stroll and now I use the treadmill to “make” myself walk at a brisk pace. When I ran I did 3 miles in 18 or so minutes . Now I do 3 miles in 45. Running was pure zen; walking is pure torture. Have fun tomorrow

  3. Vixen says:

    Hope you ended up having a good run. I’m completely addicted to it but somedays my body argues with that. LOL

  4. Bella says:

    I used to be all into running and then slacked off. Trying to get back into it these days.

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