Skipping Dinner

“Are you coming with us or staying here?”
Our spouses had decided they were hungry after their play and wanted food.
We looked at each other for a second then said, “We’ll stay here.”
“Okay, we are going to go eat – we’ll bring you back something”

The door shut.
And for the first time that evening, we were alone.
No background noise from the other two.
No conversations to ignore.
Just us.

He crawled on top of me, hovering over me kissing me passionately. He was clearly as happy as I that we were alone.

And as he made his way down my body, he paused at my nipples. Alternating between squeezing and sucking them. And as he squeezed them harder – or sucked them deeper, my moans increased. They were going to be sore tomorrow – but I didn’t fucking care.

He suddenly sat up, between my legs, and gave me this sly grin as he reached for my hand.
“I want to see you do this,” was all he said as he placed my hand on my clit.

During an earlier exchange, I had shared with him that cumming was most easily accomplished by my own hand. G-spot stimulation is fabulous but I never have the huge orgasm unless my clit is involved. He understood but especially loved it when I said I had no problem doing it in front of him.

I started finding the rhythm easily knowing how much he was enjoying the show. I could tell he wanted to lend a hand, so I asked if he would add some fingers. “It won’t distract you?” Oh, not at all. Between his fingers and my own, I came pretty quickly. Not surprising given the few hours of build up that we had already had. I was ready for a big orgasm.

He readied himself and positioned his cock between us. I was desperate to be fucked, so I pulled him into me – I needed the delay and teasing to end. I needed to be fucked.

“I love how desperate for me that orgasm has made you.”

He grabbed my hair and used it to pin me to the bed as he started fucking me hard.

“Ahh…this is exactly what I needed,” I said between my moans in his ear and my mouth on his neck. I held him close as he fucked me hard. I did not want him to stop or change position or change rhythm. I did not want to be fucked with anymore – I wanted to ride the waves of pleasure the constant motion was providing.

But that wasn’t up to me.

He stopped buried deep inside me and kissed me hard and deep. His hand released my hair. And as we kissed, his hands encircled my wrists, and he lifted them above my head where he held them and me in his control.

He broke the kiss and started fucking me slowly – building up the rhythm slowly. Using one hand to keep me pinned to the bed, he moved his other hand to near my collar bone – where the shoulder meets the neck and held me firmly  – ensuring I could not move as he drove into me hard and deep. The intense look on his face told me he was in control. I got my pleasure, and now this was about him.

The sound of our bodies slapping together were intermixed with our moans. He moved his hand from my collar bone to my knee and pulled it up just a bit. “Keep it right there” was his command. His hand joined the other one pinning me down. And all I could do was hold still, doing as I was told, and hold onto his hands as they held me into position. A moment later, he came hard.

He leaned into me and kissed me. Kissed my face, my lips, my neck, my breasts – then settled on top of me catching his breath as I returned the kisses. His hands staying where they were.

We laid there like this for several minutes. Enjoying the closeness and gathering our wits as we came down from the intensity of the play. “God, I am going to have fun with you! I love your submissiveness. I mean, I still have you pinned to the bed, and you aren’t even trying to move or get away. I love that! How do you feel about being tied down?”

Yeah, I think I may have been too hasty in giving him “Shy Guy” as a moniker. ‘Cause SG (as he will now be known) is a lot dirtier in his play than I could have ever expected.

I’m with him.
This is going to be fun.

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  1. Loverboy says:

    Wow – made me all hot and flustered reading that hehehe ;]

    You have quite the way with words emmy :]


    Alabaster Legs

  2. Secretia says:

    I just told my BF we are skipping dinner tonite!


  3. Well that was hot! And think of all the calories you burned.

  4. 13messages says:

    I like this guy. This recount of
    your time together was very sexy.

  5. Even the shy ones can be surprising. Loved your recount of your time together

  6. Just me... says:

    Oh, SG sounds like he’s going to be a great deal of fun!!! :):)

  7. Vixen says:


    Oh…he sounds FUN.

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