House Party – Part 3

The Greeter grabbed my hand and said, “why don’t you come down here next to me. We haven’t spent any time together.”

I sat down next to him. I had been hearing him all night. Not in the sense that he’s this loud moaning guy, but in terms of the fact he is hilarious. His little comments were drifting around the play area intermixed between the moans and sexy words. And it was those comments that would make me smile. And yes, if you read the previous part, he was part of the peanut gallery commenting on my time with the Host.

As I sat down next to him, he wrapped his arm around my waist and said in my ear “I was going to ask if you were an equestrian with the way you rode for as long as you did.” I laughed at his remark and responded simply with it was a good position & all of the running.

“God, you are so tiny! I’ve waited to get my hands on you all night,” he remarked as he pulled me closer to him and started kissing me. It didn’t take long before we were laying there, making out. His mouth on my lips, my neck, my nipples – and his hands roaming all over my body.

He mouth left my lips and made their way down my body ending up on my clit as he alternated between licking and sucking it – building back up my arousal. A finger or two slide into my already wet pussy, and he stimulated my g-spot with precision – knowing exactly where it was at and how to stroke it. He stopped suddenly, then grabbed a condom.

“I think you’re ready,” he announced as he slid right inside of me – my legs up high where I like them.
(Translation: he was ready.)

“Ooo, you’re flexible too.”

All I could do was laugh. My flexibility was definitely noted by everyone I was with that night. And, until that point, I had not realized I was unusually flexible.

He varied his thrusts – deep, then shallow – hard, then softer.He shifted me around so that he could go deeper, then not so deep. My hands were on his ass encouraging him – trying to keep it all going.All the while he teased me, he was kissing me and whispering in my ear how gorgeous I was, how hot I was, how “adorable” I was, how much he loved my body. Soon, he declared, “I’m going to fuck you until you cum.”

I’m not stupid. I know some of this variety in pace and such was for me, but I also picked up that he was also trying to stay in control – trying to keep from ending things too fast. So, I must be honest, I figured if that was his goal, I was going to make it hard on him.

“Let me put this leg down,” I suggested.
“Oh, is that too deep having them both up?”
“No, it’ll just feel better this way.” For both of us, I mentally added.

That shift in position – one leg on his shoulder, the other down around his waist, created some great friction. For both of us. It didn’t take long before: “Oh, God, I’m going to cum!” escaped his lips.

As we lay there collapsed together, we continued to kiss and to touch. He wasn’t ready to let me go, and I was good where we were.He whispered things in my ears – complimenting me on my body, telling me I definitely earned a testimonial, and expressing the hopes we meet again. As we caught our breath, we laid back watching the action next to us. A woman being fucked from behind while suck off her husband. It was hot. And the guy doing the fucking was a guy we had met online before the party, and were hoping to have some time getting to know better. As the scene played out, our eyes were locked for several minutes. Part of me wondered if he would mind me going over to him and kissing him – giving him a little extra sensation, but I decided this was clearly the woman’s fantasy – and did not disrupt the scene. I mean, there would be other times, I’m sure.

Eventually, the Greeter and I went downstairs. As we were walking down, we heard TL administering swats to his playmate for the evening.

“TL can be a little rough. You should know that if you play with him,” The Greeter said into my ear. I loved the protective nature he seemed to be taking with me. He had also found me water and a towel to make sure I wasn’t too cold and well hydrated. Clearly, our age difference was on his mind if he felt he needed to say it in that manner.

I smiled at him and whispered back, “Oh, I’m fully aware of how TL likes it.”

Most everyone downstairs was sitting around, snacking, drinking, and talking. It was funny to take a seat with the other naked and semi-naked people lounging around and joining into the mostly vanilla conversation. And in the background, all you kept hearing was the spanking going on above us.

I’ve often spoke about how funny the post-sex and in-between sex conversations can be. As we sat there, we teased The Greeter at the fact he was enamored with the chocolate he found – the unsweetened chocolate they had in the kitchen for baking. Yes, we all agreed he needed his head checked.

We discovered that the dessert – a tiramisu – was great – but the Host had made two batches. The practice batch was not nearly as heavenly as the second batch. When he and the Comedian (who were both serving) had discovered this difference, they served everyone the first batch and saved the second for themselves. They actually got people more as we were talking to prove they weren’t horrible people and could share.

We learned from The Cop how taser work – how it disrupts the signals the muscles get from the brain and pretty much causes the person to fall over. He trains and certifies people with them, and the philosophy at his station is that during training you must tase yourself. They want it so that if the officer deploys the weapon and ends up in court, s/he can say from experience what its like to be tased. There were some funny stories as he and the Host discussed the pros and cons of them – times they have had to use them, etc.

And all the while, the spanking and moans continued.

“I’m surprised you are listening to this and not getting pissed”, the Cop finally said to his wife. Everyone asked for an explanation, and we soon learned she would love the idea of getting spanked more than the actual spanking. Aout swat three, she gets pissed and physically lashes out.

“Yep, she says keep going. I give her another swat, then I have a knee to the groin. No more. My balls can’t handle it,” was his response when she mentioned wanting to try it again.

She explained how one night they went to Fetish night at the local on-premise club. There was a paddling scene they were watching where a sub was tried down to the bed, and her dom was paddling her. He went to do one final stroke. And for the audience, he acted like he was going to strike her harder than he had, but instead smacked the bed next to her. It ruined her whole night.

“And mine too. I had to walk around with my hands covering my balls. And she kept going on and on and on about it. I’m like, ‘look, I WASN’T doing it.’ It didn’t matter. My balls were at risk for the rest of the night.”

His wife started to object, realized the absurdity of the situation, and started laughing. The conversation stayed on spanking as the single woman at the party explained how a proper spanking should occur and how TL’s technique was a good example. The Comedian joined in and helped explain the nuances of a good spanking as did a mini-demonstration on the woman.

During a pause, there were some words exchanged between TL and the woman. (Garbanzo was actually up there too lending a hand).

“How many times is she going to call him names tonight?” The Greeter asked, “Every time I turn around, she’s calling him an asshole or a fucker.” You can tell it bothered him.

This led to a new conversation. People were mentioning the various things they heard in terms of words exchanged throughout the night between them. I didn’t know how much anyone knew of their history. I did, so I kept my mouth shut and listened to the conversation. Plus, I couldn’t tell if she was calling him those things to egg him on or if the past coming through in their play.

The Greeter who had been sitting next to anti-Spanking woman during the conversation and stroking her leg, stood up suddenly, grabbed her hand, and led her upstairs to the play area. I wondered if that guy was chemically enhanced that night because I think he was with every woman at the party by the end.

It wasn’t long before people started getting ready to leave, saying goodbyes, exchanging phone numbers and such, and generally relaxing. The Comedian sat next to me on the arm of the couch and started stroking my hair and skin. “I didn’t get to spend any time with you. Next time, hopefully next time.” As we talked, he kept his hands on me. Then leaned down and kissed me good-bye when the time came.

Clearly the party was winding down. Garbanzo had come down from helping TL, and we decided upon seeing the time we should head back too. We still had about a 45 minute drive. I went upstairs and found my dress, exchanged some words with TL, then started saying our good-byes.

Once in the car, I looked at Garbanzo and said with a grin, “THAT was a lot of fun! I think we’ll be invited back.”

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  1. Hubman says:

    We need to find a group like that around here!

    So we know you had 3 men that night (right, it was 3?), how about Garbonzo, did he have as much fun?

    Thanks for sharing all of the details!

  2. Emmy says:

    If you include Garbanzo when we got home, it was technically 4. 😉

    Garbanzo did have a good time. He played with 3 different women in different ways. Under Clinton’s rules of sex, he only had sex once. 🙂

  3. Hubman says:

    4? You, you, you SLUT! LOL…

    Glad to hear that Garbonzo had fun too!

  4. John and Ann says:

    What a great story! Even one of the stories could constitute a great night in fact, but all 3 in one night! WOW!

  5. Bella says:

    um, yeah, i still want to be you.

  6. Maggie says:

    The sex part is great, but does it make me a nerd to find the rest fascinating? It must be so nice to be in a room of like-minded adults and you can talk about everyday stuff or sexy stuff or whatever without worrying about it.

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