HNT – Just My Socks

When I’m down to just my socks, you know what time it is. It’s “Business Time”.

To truly understand that reference, you MUST watch this video and enjoy the greatness that is Flight of the Concord. (I’d post the lyrics, but, well, it isn’t the same, sadly.)

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  1. Loverboy says:

    Oh emmy a very “cheeky” snap of you in your fab socks~!

    Luv it :]

    Loverboy & Alabaster Legs

  2. Osbasso says:

    Oh, I don’t need to see the video to know what that means! 😛

  3. Lovely! I have socks exactly like that too. 😉 Happy HNT.

  4. I have a pic saved with this idea – under my “potential poses” love love love this idea!

  5. Red Rider says:

    Simply adorable Emmy!

  6. that is a spanking just waiting to happen!

  7. Daniel says:

    Tsk tsk. That ass of yours just kills me every time… Very nice. 🙂


  8. Coy Pink says:

    Love your socks and your bum is just begging for a spanking. I was cracking up listening to that song. I’ve never heard it before and it was hilarious!

  9. Ms Scarlett says:

    Those socks are WAY beyond awesome! As is your ass… Wooo!


  10. Vixen says:

    I’m loving the…socks… 😉

    But mostly I love the position!


  11. 13messages says:

    That video is pure perfection. As are you.

  12. The socks are awesome. lol


  13. Secretia says:

    Well the socks look just warm enough to keep anyone comfortable…


  14. Maggie says:

    Love those socks, why can I never find any cute ones?

  15. Nice bum, baby! 😉 And the socks are freakin’ adorable. Now I want some (…er, socks?)! xo

  16. IveyLane says:

    Great shot, Emmy. And that is, indeed, a lovely tush. 😉

  17. Hubman says:

    Business time? You wear those to work? You must get some funny looks around the office! 😉

    Happy HNT!

  18. I have socks like that, but they’re pink 🙂 You have a gorgeous bottom! Love this photo, very whimsical and cute!

    —Amy xxxx

  19. nitebyrd says:

    What a temptation for a spanking! Naughty girl. 😉

  20. James says:

    Great socks, now on to that business. HHNT

  21. Jobthingy says:

    BWAHAHAHA! thats why they call them business socks. that was funny. im sending it to Raspy.

    GREAT pic gorgeous. those socks are CUTE! and you are sexy as always 😉

  22. Babe Lincoln says:

    You know I love me some Jemaine and Bret… way to rock the socks girl!

  23. Genevieve says:

    What neat socks.. and well the rest is pretty sweet too!!
    p.s. The plum tree picture below is awesome! HHNT

  24. Socks ? What socks? Are there socks? But I did see the most adorable bun

  25. Joanna Cake says:

    Great socks! HHNT 🙂

  26. Advizor says:

    Argyle never, ever goes out of style, and that video made me laugh so hard I had to re-post it at once!!!

    My wife wears socks 352 days a year, taking them off only for sex.

    I couldn’t stop laughing…


  27. Love that song / video. lol.

    Great shot and those socks are super cute! HHNT!

  28. Joker_SATX says:

    Happy HNT! I have been so remiss in visiting your blog…don’t be surprised if you receive multiple comments from me…I am dedicating this afternoon to giving your blog the attention it deserves….

  29. piecesofjade says:

    Love love love the socks!! And that clip is HILARIOUS. My kids turned me onto it some time ago. Still make me laugh like a loon.


  30. Elle says:

    Lovely socks!

    And that video? Priceless!

  31. Baby, you look good enough to be a part-time model.

  32. Mr. Smith says:

    AGHH! Thats way HOTT!

  33. Petal says:

    Love, love, LOVE the socks…oh cute arse too! HHNT!

  34. garbonzo says:

    Argyle socks and your ass: two of my favorite things in one place!

  35. pleasehurtme says:

    Love the cheeky pic – referencing “business time” has now got that song running through my head. HHNT

  36. Autumn says:

    sweet socks, cute ass…woot woot!

  37. frances says:

    those socks are so cute! not to be outdone by that oh so sqeezable ass, of course. 😉

  38. Love the socks and love the ass!

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