Day 51 – Overexposed

Everyone gives me great compliments on my photography. And I totally appreciate them. But, I thought I would show you what happens when you pick up the camera set on ‘manual’ and start taking pictures.

Let me explain what happened. The kids were driving us crazy. It was a gorgeous day outside. We kept tossing them outside instead of letting them stay inside and watch TV or sit in their rooms. Finally, we told them to go outside and pick up after the dogs in the backyard. (In other words, pick up the dog shit.) They went out there as the alternative we gave them wasn’t much of an alternative. And in the process of “working together”, something unexpected happened. The tied shut bag of dog crap ended up on the roof of the back overhang.

Our response: “Go get it off the roof. You know where the ladder is.”

So, they worked together to get it down. It was funny to watch, so I grabbed my camera (unbeknownst to them) and started taking pictures. I glanced at the back screen once very briefly, didn’t notice anything wrong (but didn’t pay attention really) and kept shooting. 

When I downloaded the pictures tonight, I noticed all were overexposed. When I took my pictures yesterday, I had changed the shutter speed just a hair to let in a bit more light. And forgot I had done it. So, sunny day and slower shutter speed equals overexposed pictures. And they were overexposed enough that I couldn’t fix them. 

I ended up just doing weird things so I could get something like this:

Turned out to be kinda neat, but only because I fucked up the pictures so badly.

I guess, you could say that like the bag of dog crap, my pictures ended up in a totally unexpected place.

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  1. I actually like the way the pictures came out. The neat thing about pictures is, some of the best ones come out under or overexposed (that’s my opinion). Not all pictures are meant to be perfect anyway.

  2. southerngirl says:

    The second one is way cool – almost a paranormal feel to it.

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