Day 45 – Girl Scout Cookies

Valentine’s Day and Girl Scout Cookie Pick-up Day.

25 cases of cookies were what I picked up from the warehouse for my troop. I have to pick up the rest tomorrow because I need a few boxes of different kinds, and it didn’t make sense to order whole cases when I need 3 boxes. Then begins the fun task of sorting and delivering them to the girls. Until then, they will sit in a pile in the dining room.

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  1. Dana says:

    Ummm … hello? Where are the Thin Mints??

  2. Hubman says:

    I’m with Dana- no Thin Mints?

    I remember one year when I was a kid my sister was a girl scout and my mom got suckered into being the cookie-distribution-mom for the troop. There was a pile of what in retrospect seemed like 100 cases of cookies (but was probably more like 20 or so) and I couldn’t eat a single cookie 🙁

  3. Emmy says:

    The 8 cases of Thin Mints are behind the ones on the right. Don’t worry – they are there. 🙂

  4. Just me... says:

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  5. Just me... says:

    You have Samoas!! They weren’t on the cookie sheets here… :(:(

  6. Mmmmm Cookies. I still think the Thin Mints have some time release addictive substance in them, so once a year you buy a bunch and eat them in a cookie shoveling orgy until you sit in a bloated heap with choclatey mint burps.

  7. LOVE Samoas. Send some this way. 😉

  8. Vixen says:

    And….you can deliver them to my house….when? 😉

    Samoas…thin mints….YUM I love this time of year!

  9. Secretia says:

    I am not eating any this year, will only use them as gifts, they look better in the box than on my ass!


  10. Hubby loves the new ones…Dulce

    I love the Thin Mints!

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