Day 39 – Learning

The Brownies today helped the school’s recycling coordinator perform a trash assessment. She took the trash from one of the classes – one of their classes – and had them sort it by kind of trash. This is the pile of juice boxes. Out of the 3lbs of trash, 1lb was stuff that could have been recycled. The rest was a combination of paper towels, plastic pudding containers and juice boxes – things that are not easily recyclable but are things that could be replaced with reusable containers. They did learn a lot about it – and started asking some good questions.

And what did I learn – eight 7yr olds who have spent the day listening and focusing do not do either of those things after school. I am seriously considering making them run laps before each Brownie meeting just so they can blow off some energy. Because even with a teacher in the room (Garbanzo) and an extra adult, we had problems keeping them engaged in a very hands-on activity.

The principal’s reaction when I was talking to him about it? “On top of their need to blow off steam, you have the toughest most opinionated girls in the first grade in that troop.” Then he laughed. His kid is one of them as is our kid, so he knows of which he speaks.

My reward is in heaven, as a former boss used to say.
And there is always beer when I get home.

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  1. Just me... says:

    And wine!!
    Don’t forget the wine!! :):)

  2. Fun shot, Emmy. Who knew seperating the trash could be a great kids activity? Lack of focus and all, they still got the job done! Well done!

    And from your recent posts, it sounds to me like your reward isn’t as far off as heaven. LOL

  3. Secretia says:

    Teaching is it’s own reward for now I think.

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