Be Mine?

Valentine’s Day in our house is….well….I’m not sure. We celebrate with small gifts. I got my husband this key ring last year because I found it humorous plus only he and i know what it means. It is probably the one thing that he loved more than anything I had bought him in a while:

The keyring comes in a box that says “I’m nuts for you”.

I guess, for me, today is a day to remind me to tell people I care about that I love them – that they mean something to me – that they are in my heart. It’s a day for lovers, friends, and family.

Yes, this day should be everyday. I will not dispute that. But, anyone reading this ever make statements like “How did it get to be February already? Wasn’t it just Thanksgiving?” or “It’s Sunday already?” Yeah, me too.

Life flies by. And, while you may think about those important to you, you may not realize it has been a while since you told them they are important to you. I guess, for me, Valentine’s Day is that Hallmark holiday reminder to do just that. Even if you think you do it enough, what does it hurt to do it again?  I’m not talking go crazy and buy stuff. This isn’t about consumerism. It means more to people anyway to get something from your heart. So do that today. Tell people you care about them.

What can it hurt?

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  1. Secretia says:

    You said it right, your advice is perfect!

    Thanks, Secretia

  2. Beautiful thoughts.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. i LOVE that keychain, that’s so damn cute!!!

  4. I’m with Lilly. I totally love the keychain.


  5. Loverboy says:

    Love your views re this :]
    Happy Valentines Day lovey!

    Loverboy & Alabaster Legs

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