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Garbanzo and I have had “get a new bed” on the annual list of things in the house to replace for about 5yrs now.  We bought what we could afford almost 15 years ago after we graduated college and got our apartment. Being as anti-debt as I am (and was at the time too), we bought what we could pay cash for.  The queen mattress we got was what we could afford – and we eventually determined it was an okay mattress.  But, our choice was air mattress or okay mattress or floor.  Okay mattress it was.

Each year, something new gets raised higher than the bed on our list.  One year, our furnace went out and had to be replaced.  Another year, it was a some unexpected car expenses.  Another year, it was….insert good reason here.  But this year was going to be the year. Hell, we even decided to forgo naughty Santa gifts so we could spend that money towards the bed (what little money that may be).

I decided this past week that the bed was going to get replaced this weekend.  It hurts my back.  Plus, I was not going to let another year go on where everything gets prioritized above it.  Nope – we were getting a new bed this year this weekend. Nothing was going to rise above it on the list.

As luck would have it, Garbanzo’s grandmother’s Christmas check was delivered to us on Saturday via his parents.  So, the guilt factor of spending some of the savings on the bed was relieved.  Then, Sunday as we were helping his parents with some things, they mentioned a family friend had started into the mattress business.  It was like the universe was saying “go buy a new mattress.”

We knew what we wanted size wise.  We were upgrading to a king. While I love my husband, he is a 6ft 4in tall man who curls up like a cat. That’s a lot of body that ends up pushing me off the bed at times (until I push back and he moves).  I’m sick of fighting for space.

We visited the family friend’s store.  He encouraged us to look more towards the California Kings since he had a lot of them, more of a variety to choose from firmness wise, and could give us the best deal on it. Plus, they are 4inches longer which is good for Garbanzo.  The difference is also that it is 4 inches narrower than a king.  Not really a huge difference given we are coming from a queen.

We went back and forth between two of them. The king and the California King. I really didn’t care – I mean, both were pretty much the same to me – so if Garbanzo had a feeling one way or another, I was going to go with him.  He was verbally going through the things important to him.  Finally I piped up as we lay there on the California King – is there enough room for two others?  Could we all be in the bed comfortably?  If we had an overnight guest joining us, could we all sleep comfortably? At this point Garbanzo started laughing hysterically. Almost 15 years ago when we were picking a bed, the last thing on our mind was sharing our bed with others.  And now, I am the one weighing all of those factors as we make our final selection.

In the end, we got a California King. Garbanzo liked the fact he could stretch out and not fall off the end of the bed as badly as he does on a regular bed.  Now we have to find a new bed frame. Given the kind of floor we have, we could not get one of those cheapo frames without scratching the hell out of our floor. My mission for the day.  Oh, and sheets.  Add that to the list.  Thankfully we got a killer deal on the bed.  Did I mention that?

Later, I hope to be christening the bed with Garbanzo.
Hopefully soon, we’ll have the another kind of christening of the bed. 
Wonder if I can find a volunteer or two….

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  1. Hubman says:

    Speaking from experience, when sharing a bed with a third (not just fucking, but actually sleeping!), it’s a lot more comfortable with a King-sized bed, I’m sure you made the right choice!

    I don’t think you’ll have much trouble finding that volunteer 😉

  2. I love the story. Hubman and I would love a king sized bed, but as our bedroom is so small, we do not have room for it, not to mention we bought an expensive bed frame a few years ago and it is a queen.

    Enjoy breaking in the bed.

  3. I never heard of a California King. I did however hear of a California Queen. Ahem. We are at the stage where I am thinking seperate beds may be in order. So sad.

  4. We just got a brand new king size bed this weekend too!

    I love it!! Well opk we love it!!!

    I had to go buy all new sheets too…but found some really good ones for a good price.

  5. We have a Cal-King. Love it. The Man is 6ft6in. There’s room for us and the child who has yet to figure out how to stay in his own bed – every single night. 🙂


  6. Secretia says:

    My opinion, the smaller the bed, the more sex, but worse sleep quality.

  7. Just me... says:

    Enjoy the new bed (once you get all the hardware)!!! Nothing sleeps better than a brand new bed.. :):)

  8. Just me... says:

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  9. boo says:

    Oh, you are making me miss my island of a king-size bed! We left it behind in Oregon.. I can’t imagine how we would have managed to fit it on Fred… *giggle* Our bed now isn’t too bad, even though it’s a bit smaller. We inherited from the first couple we started swinging with, so it came complete with memories!

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