In the Middle

I want to have you both in my bed. I would be in the middle. He would be on one side, and you would be on the other.  I would take care of both of you before we all fell asleep. Making sure you go to sleep satisfied after a full night of play.

I would start with him. Start by taking his cock into my mouth to get him hard again. His hands would be in my hair – and he would push my head down onto his cock forcing me to take him deep into my throat. I can see you laying there – propped on one elbow, watching intently. I would let him guide me to what he wants. He may want me to suck him off, or he may bend me over the bed and fuck me hard. 

He wants me bent over the bed.

Once in place, he slides right into my pussy with one thrust. He loves fucking me hard from behind, grabbing my hips and driving himself hard into me with each thrust.  And while he does this, he will put a hand into my hair and pull my head back so that I can see how intently you are staring at us with that gleam in your eye – that gleam you get when you are enjoying the view – and are planning what you want to do to me when you get your turn.

I can tell he is about to cum as he picks up the pace. I can feel that final swell of his cock before he is about to release. But, instead of cumming deep inside me, he pulls out suddenly – coming all over my ass and back. 

After we clean up, I crawl back onto the bed and over to you. It is your turn. 

I start off with a kiss and ask if you like what you saw.

You did.

My hand wraps myself around your cock.  My mouth starts going down your body and finds one of your nipples. I know how much that nipple play turns you on if I do it right.

I do it right.

I work my way down your body and take your cock into my mouth. It always takes me a bit longer to take you deep into my throat – but you are patient, and I’m willing to work at it. Your hands are in my hair, wrapping my long locks around your hands so you can see my face as you push my head down further on your cock encouraging me – pushing me a bit further than I may have done on my own.  This continues until I pull away and ask,

“Wanna fuck my ass?”

You don’t answer me but move me so that I am bend over the side of the bed, then your fingers prepare my ass.  You slide your cock into my ass. I love the way it feels – being stretched as your cock invades it. I push back onto your cock. I know how much you love it as I do that. The pace at which you fuck me increases as your orgasm builds. Your fingers dig into my hips as you pull me back onto your cock as you thrust inside me.  This continues until you cum.

We get cleaned up, and crawl back into bed. I curl up between you two. Each of you have a hand on me – almost to remind me that I am both of yours to play with all night.  And we fall asleep until one of you decides you need more. I am awakened by you both throughout the night. Fingers probing me, a mouth finding a nipple, a cock finding a place to enter. I don’t get much sleep as the night turns into morning. I lose track of how many times you each use me and how. You both have taken advantage of a naked willing woman at your sexual beckon call.

Have I mentioned how much I love this idea – the idea of giving you both whatever you want whenever you wanted it?

And the next night – we switch.

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  1. Wow, It sounds like it is my turn now. I want a turn. Two guys and a girl is an awesome thing and it happens just like you wrote. Taking turns that is. I would also tell you to tell him how great my cock feels in your pussy. That is a big turn on as well.

  2. Secretia says:

    That was super erotic, how many times is a blur!

  3. I think the picture added the perfect touch to this story.

  4. Kallie Grace says:

    That was so hot!! The picture was perfect and everything about it, yum well done!

  5. Ummm I wanna be in that bed! 😉


  6. nitebyrd says:

    Crap! I shouldn’t have read this at work! *fans self*

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