Full Circle

I woke up hornier than I had in a long time. I think it was the fact Garbanzo had fucked me good the night before, but I never got my big orgasm before we were done. I don’t blame him though – it was my call. The angle he was fucking me was so incredible hot – it hit my g-spot just right – so I didn’t want to disrupt that angle just so I can get my clit orgasm.  I told him to keep going – I would take care of things later if I needed it.

He had to get up very early the next morning (read 5am), so he feel asleep almost immediately. I was awake, so I went into the living room to finish a blog post and try to wind down. I figured I would masturbate before I feel asleep if I felt the need for it.  In the end, I was too tired.  I went to sleep instead.

I guess I needed that orgasm more than I realized as the arousal between my legs told me the next morning. Garbanzo had made me a cup of coffee before he left, and I asked him if he’d hand me my vibrator out of our overnight bag. I had taken it with us to the beach, but hadn’t unpacked it yet.  He tossed it to me from the bag, told me to have fun, then left.

I had grabbed my laptop and was starting to browse for some material when TL popped up on IM.  We were talking about an email I had sent him the night before – some possibilities of meeting we had not previously realized.  And the talk was just contributing to my need to have an orgasm.  As the chat got more and more detailed in the planning and possibilities, I started stroking my clit.  God, I was wet.  I finally grabbed my vibrator and started building myself up to an orgasm. My imagination was in overdrive – oh, the possibilities of what we could explore in the future. 

I finally send him the following IM:
“These possibilities combined with  the fact I already woke up horny has made me need an orgasm now…..want to talk me through it?”

His response was simple “uh, yeah – are you calling me?”

I did.  Hearing his voice in my ear was like having him there as he told me exactly what he would do if he were next to me.  How he would pull and tug on my pussy as I worked my clit – with fingers and teeth.  How his hands would be on my nipples and breasts.  He asked me if I was thinking about some of what we were talking about.  “Oh, God, yes – I love that thought” was my response.  He encouraged me to cum for him – and cum I did.  It was exactly what I needed.

“I’m going to text Garbanzo and tell him what a dirty girl you have been – calling me, cumming for me, and leaving me hard. He should come home and spank you before fucking you.”

That thought implanted itself deep in my mind for the rest of the day.  That thought kept me keyed up until I finally decided maybe another orgasm would help – it would be a couple hours before Garbanzo would be home, so I figured I would have one to tied me over, so to speak.  It didn’t take me long to cum again – and again – then again.  It was as if one would not be enough.

Garbanzo at that moment texted me. I responded that he needed to come home and fuck me – explaining how my day had been going.  He sent something to me saying he would leave as soon as he could – he needed to come home early anyway.

About an hour later, he walked through the door. I heard him send the girls outside to tend to the chickens, then he came into the bedroom.  He pulled my pants off and his too – then bent me over the bed to fuck me.  His cock slid into my tight pussy – tight from the orgasms and the need to be fucked.  The angle I was in was causing his cock to hit my g-spot perfectly. I had happily cum full circle. 

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  1. Awesome story. I did something similar with an internet friend. We were chatting and she told me what she was doing. I called her and she put the phone down low so I could hear her working the vibrator in and out. She had a huge orgasm.

    So did he spank you as well?

  2. Secretia says:

    That was a pleasure to read!

  3. Kallie Grace says:

    Very hot, I can’t think of a better way to start or end a day.

  4. Just me... says:

    Sounds like a great day, start to finish!! 🙂

  5. Bella says:

    Oh my. I love this story. I need a new phone sex partner as I had to ditch Mr. Jr. High. And now, I just need kiddo to go to bed and Mr. Man to get home…
    I love how you write.

  6. Umm yeah that was like, totally hot. Now I want to fuck Temper again!

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