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First off, thank you all for your kind comments on yesterday’s HNT. I will have to say some of them made me smile (not smirk) especially as it became clear that my smirk shines through my words on this blog.

For today’s field trips, I have some fun sites.  The first is Sleep Talkin’ Man.  The site documents the humorous outbursts that a wife hears as her husband sleeps. I fell in love with this site because Garbanzo has been known to have outburts (not as much anymore due to his anti-anxiety medicine which slows his brain down a bit thus letting him sleep.) My favorite of Garbanzo’s was while we were in college. My roommate Fred and I laughed hysterically one day when he started talking about the gnomes and Deana Troi. (Someone had watched too much Star Trek.) We laughed so loud at his outbursts that we woke him up. Yeah, that site speaks to me (no pun intended). 

But I have to be careful as to how much I harass him. I did dream that I was playing softball, and as a catcher, I had to catch a wild pitch. I awoke after I hit him in the face trying to catch the ball in my sleep. He had a bruise on his chin from where I clocked him.  That was the same year now that I think about it….we entertained Fred quite a bit that year. She was in the room that day too and laughed hysterically when I explained what I was dreaming about.  (Fred, for new people, is my best friend from college who was my roommate for most of college. She was a good Catholic girl from Texas who thankfully was not freaked out at all about Garbanzo sleeping in my bed.)

Another site I have fallen in love with – as Garbanzo can attest from my hysterical laughter – is Passive-Aggressive Notes. This is a user driven site where people send in photographs of the passive aggressive notes people in their world have left. There are notes from parents who are sick of their kids not being able to close the cereal boxes properly to the snarky exchanges on Facebook.

I only wish I had found this sooner because the ones at my last job were classics! I really REALLY wish I had the email an engineer sent to the IT department managers (me and another manager and our boss) about the time issue on the servers. His PC time did not match the clocks which did not match the phone which did not match his cell phone. He had gone into calculating the the amount of time wasted by him each day due to questioning whether he was early or late to a meeting. Then he went on to calculate how much money he was wasting of the company being early to meetings.  My response back on our behalf was simple: “‘A man with two watches never truly knows what time it is.’ Pick one fucking clock and use it. Stop wasting our time as well as yours.” My boss was appalled by the response – his boss thought it was hilarious and told me to forward him any backlash as he would deal with it. Being in charge of desktop and network support for the US was probably not the best role to put me in, but no one ever wasted our time.

The last site I love is Please Fire Me.  This site is another user-driven site. (My apologies – I worked too closely with the Web Marketing Manager, so I know all these fancy phrases now.) Users anonymously submit reasons they should be fired. Some of them are sad. Some are typical corporate things. Others are hilarious.  I could have contributed a lot to this site with a couple people I worked for.

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  1. Secretia says:

    Those were great sites, thank you, I like the Sleep Talkin Man a lot.

  2. Emerald Yomi says:

    Thanks so much for the links! I’m inlove already. LOL

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