Day 4 – Brownies

“Scouting rises within you and inspires you to put forth your best.”
~Juliette G. Low (founder of the Girl Scouts)

I spent the day assembling 8 Brownie vests for the first meeting. I realized as I bought everything that there was no way I could send this home with eight 7 year old girls.  It would never make it home. The first meeting went well.  The girls were excited. I wish I had a picture of their faces as I gave them their vests and pins. 

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  1. The brownies are awesome. Are you going to be the cookie parent as well?

  2. Joker_SATX says:

    Good for you! That looks awesome!

  3. wow, I remember my mom hand sewing on my patches. she was not pleased – how lovely that you did it!

  4. I was in Cubscouts. It was a lot of fun. I remember making things for our parents. That is what I remember the most.

  5. Just me... says:

    Loved being in Brownies!! Back in the ‘olden’ days we had the full-bore outfits.. Right down to the socks with the little side tassels at the top..
    Now, if mine came home now wanting that same outfit, I’d cry myself to sleep!! Probably while sewing those damn little patches on it… :):)

  6. I love the Brownies 🙂 I used to be a youth leader and watching all the girls making their promise used to make me smile. We used to do it by candlelight, which I always liked. I still remember my promise, cool person that I am!

    —Amy xxxx

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