Day 14 – Elk

This is the famous elk statue in the park across the street from the County Courthouse and the Federal courthouse. It was not raining outside today, so I sat in the park and ate my lunch. Every time I see this statue, I recall one of the first scenes in My Own Private Idaho where Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix sit at the base of this statue which is in the middle of the park.

While the statue is in the middle of the park, technically, it is actually in the middle of the street. Cars drive around it as they drive north.  In other words, if they had been sitting here, they would have likely have been hit by a car. Gotta love Hollywood. Oh, and see those leaves all over. This park is gorgeous during the fall.

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  1. Ms Scarlett says:

    Wow… that movie is a LONG time ago….

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